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  • verb

Synonyms for refract

to cause to move, especially at an angle

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subject to refraction

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determine the refracting power of (a lens)

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I started out in finance working at Northern Rock on their business intelligence team and from there moved into consultancy and online and digital spheres such as online gaming, online marketing and more recently speech and text analytics for the company I now work for, Refract.
Eye Refract features a dual aberrometer that utilises technology that couples an automatic refraction measurement and a simultaneous iterative lens adjustment.
Distance is what we're calling a survival racing game," explains Jordan Hemenway, developer at Refract.
Huang said that the fluid could negatively refract all wavelengths in the visible spectrum, provided the nanoparticles had the right coating.
He says that turning light into plasmons may be the only way to negatively refract a broad spectrum of visible light.
Rainbows are created when water droplets in the air act like tiny prisms and refract (bend) sunlight so its colors are separated.
If it strikes a surface at a higher angle, however, it will refract from ice to air, each wavelength following its own path and emerging at a different point.
Check out Team California's home called the Refract House, and check out the competition and the scores at the Solar Decathlon.
He said that the campaign had received "great news last month at a fitness to practise case, which ruled that an optician trained in refraction on a delegated functions course in the 1990s was indeed entitled to refract.
However, raindrops also refract (or bend ) light, like a lens.
His eye twitchily takes in places that semaphore colonialism (Trinidad and Tobago gained independence in 1962, three years before the artist's birth), and, later, he revives his apparently sharp memories of them in large-scale paintings that refract an ongoing mental fissuring.
Turrell designed a red, blue, and yellow LED system for the transparent chambers, and etched the glass with tiny dots to contain and refract the light.
The interior of the main entrance's conical structure is almost egg-shaped, allowing light to bounce between panes of glass and refract down to two levels below the street.
Born in Trinidad, she sculpts images from Arouca to Manhattan using the elements of a natural landscape that form the body of her poems and refract the sentiments of the poet, bending the light of each phrase to reveal the shadow moons that lay underneath.
The halo around the sun appears when a thin cloud of ice crystals refract incoming sunlight.