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Najafi, 66, is a veteran Reformist politician and currently a senior economic advisor to President Rohani.
In response to Reformist criticisms, government spokesman Mohammed Bagher Nobakht observed: "The president has heard different opinions about the Cabinet and he himself will make the final decision.
If the rest of the parties express their support for Traycho Traikov, we will also accept the decision and we will not be a reason for a rift in the Reformist Bloc," added Hristov.
The AFP report also noted that if confirmed, this would give reformists 128 seats in the 290-member parliament, just 18 shy of a majority but more than the 124 seats grabbed by the rivals.
TEHRAN: Iran's moderate President Hassan Rouhani won strong public backing and his reformist allies made stunning gains in parliamentary elections, partial results showed Sunday, reducing the potential for opponents to block domestic reform plans.
The pro-Rouhani coalition of reformists and moderates is headed toward a possible major victory in the capital Tehran, where they are ahead in 29 of the city's 30 seats as of Saturday evening - their strong results in the capital could bode well for the coalition elsewhere.
The Guardian Council has ruined the joy that arose from the lifting of sanctions," Shahrbanoo Amani, a former reformist MP and now disqualified candidate told Fars news agency.
Geneva, though, certainly had its impact on England's most influential Calvinist, William Perkins, but Kaufman's calling him a reformist is somewhat misleading since in the 1590s, and certainly early in James's reign, Perkins's Calvinism permeated the conforming clergy, and, indeed, like George Abbott, who became archbishop of Canterbury in 1611, a good part of the episcopacy.
In a short statement he published at his FaceBook page on Thursday, the reformist leader announced that they decided to name this new party "Reform and Renaissance Party".
By choosing ministers known more for their experience than their political views, President Hassan Rouhani has proposed a cabinet that achieves a rare feat in Iranian politics - it satisfies both reformist and conservative factions.
By the middle of this week, the sole remaining "reformist" candidate is Hassan Rohani, who, on Tuesday, had received the full backing of both leading reformists and former presidents Mohammad Khatami and Akbar Hassan Rafsanjani.
TAHRAN (CyHAN)- Mohammad Reza Aref, the sole reformist candidate in Iran's June 14 presidential race, has withdrawn after receiving advice from reformist ex-president Mohammad Khatami, his website reported on Tuesday morning.
Manufacturing consensus; the making of the Swedish reformist working class.
In the past few weeks, reformist politicians have made statements in Iranian media suggesting they will field a presidential candidate in 2013 -- marking an important departure for the movement.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Many, specially the western enemies of the Islamic Republic, did not expect former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, as the leader of the reformist camp, to go to the polling station today, specially after he and other reformists vowed last week that they would boycott elections.