reform movement

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a movement intended to bring about social and humanitarian reforms

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This alliance proved to be functional for the amendments in the law on elections and helped restore the dictatorship and protect the political balance, all in the interest of the Macedonian political camp", stressed from the PDSH Reform Movement.
Fighters of the Eritrean Islamic Reform Movement in an undated photo released by the group
The free and reform movement separated from the Justice and Equality and
Hess is correct that there is an impulse to be more rigorous in the school reform movement.
The idea of peoplehood gained further momentum in the Reform movement as the Nazi persecution of European Jewry intensified, and it was elevated to new heights in the wake of the Holocaust and in response to Israel's dramatic establishment.
Rabbi Richard Levy, director of the School of Rabbinical Studies, will deliver the ordination address as the nine men and six women prepare to serve the Reform movement.
3 million American Jews who are members of a synagogue, about one-third attend a Conservative congregation--slightly less than the Reform movement, but more than the Orthodox.
The First of Causes to Our Sex": The Female Moral Reform Movement in the Antebellum Northeast, 1834-1848.
One has to wonder what the outlook would have been today for the state's education reform movement had Mr.
The LWVUS, the Campaign Legal Center and the Center for Excellence in Government released a report calling for a national redistricting reform movement and offering guidance for state-level redistricting reform efforts.
The best part of your July/August 2006 climate change issue was the Farm Animal Reform Movement and In Defense of Animals' "STOP GLOBAL WARMING: GO VEG" message on the back cover.
He does not discuss poorhouses in very large cities, such as Boston, where much of the Progressive Era reform movement was most active.
But a statement in the document rejecting "every sign of unjust discrimination" against homosexuals drew criticism from an Italian Christian gay association and a reform movement called We Are Church.
At the same time, the reform movement won the argument concerning potential friendly society insolvency and the need for government oversight and security.
The Reform movement in Juda-ism is rapidly closing in on its 200th anniversary.