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cast or model anew

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Mais Lulle reforge maints tropes de son Art de Contemplation en Dieu afin de parfaire la variante compendieuse.
It is possible for Obama to reverse Wilson's misreading of the American public, reforge the damaged Israeli-American relationship and stay true to his ideals.
By once again transforming the alliance in a way that emphasizes the nonmilitary capabilities Europe has to offer, the transatlantic partners can reforge the alliance on a more equal basis while countering any emerging threats to their mutual security.
Two girls, mired in a "never-going-to-be-friends-again day," find a way to reforge their friendship.
A priest needs to be alone with God, even if just for a few moments a day, to reforge that person-to-Person connection, which is the religion he embodies.
Nixon and Martin say they will reforge that connection with a new combination of professionalized business and revitalized activism.
The United States needs to reforge its obsolescent intelligence community if it is to match wits with transnational threats to American security such as al Qaeda and traditional threats stemming from nation-states with the political intent and military means to challenge American interests and power.
Finally, Judis and Teixeira review the unsuccessful attempts to reforge a Democratic majority out of the ruins of the New Deal coalition.
By that time she had also begun working with her mother doing data entry for Lane County, and she was also trying to reforge a social life.
In doing so they arched back over Petrarch to reforge a link with their now remote predecessors in Padua.
It is hoped that concrete policy suggestions will help reforge the relationship between government and the people, insofar as the government can link social impacts with economic policy making.
Thus the Ideologues initially subsume Condorcet in their rehabilitation of the Gironde during Thermidor, casting him as the philosopher-martyr, as Socrates to Robespierre's Vandal, and so reforge the Revolution's links with the Lumieres above and beyond the aberration of the Terror.
It's not mere historical coincidence that younger jazz artists, from Cassandra Wilson to Charlie Hunter, from James Carter to Regina Carter to Leon Parker to Medeski Martin & Wood, now tread similar paths as they reforge connections between jazz and contemporary pop.
Though we can never free ourselves from the shackles of community-imposed meaning," Sederberg (1984) writes, "we can reforge them, link by link, through a process appropriately considered political" (p.
Any attempt to reforge Europe in the form of a state, albeit a federal one, would remove this advantage and make it a target for rival state-building and nationalizing projects.