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focus once again

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put again into focus or focus more sharply

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LeEco is also expected to refocus on its existing smart TV unit to bolster its finances.
Ms Fairbairn said: "With the election nearly over, there has never been a more important time to refocus on the economy and plan with confidence and ambition.
Hypotheses: In the light of literature it was hypothesized that there would be a significant relationship between depression and catastrophizing, positive reappraisal, putting into perspective, positive refocusing, other-blame, acceptance and refocus on planning in adolescents.
Refocus artist Gayle Chong Kwan, centre, with Tees art-|ists, from left, Emma Train, Beth Ross, Charles Twist and Jo Hislop ,who will be displaying some of their work
Jacqueline Sharp, president of Scotia Group Jamaica, has said that her bank will now refocus on core retail banking.
I just need to refocus and go forward to New Zealand.
He added: "What they want now is whoever takes over to refocus the inquiry on to finding Madeleine.
Colin Smith, chairman of Poundland, said that the refocus would allow Dodd to spend more time differentiating Poundland's product offering by developing product ranges, examining NPD and sourcing new suppliers.
In order to carry out the agreement with Samsung Electronics, Obducat will have to refocus its resources toward advanced optical media and the Samsung project.
The Halo Group is a marketing communications agency that specializes in helping education marketers refocus their branding efforts on driving growth.
Congress and Administration should immediately refocus U.
ePolicy Solutions recognized early on its need to refocus its business model from an online broker, offering insurance through affiliations such as Staples, MasterCard, Intuit and UPS, to a vendor of its policy-administration solutions to carriers.
After I released him, he would refocus on me and begin to negotiate the next exchange.
That ability to reshape, realign, and refocus while keeping the traditions, customs and values of our service is what keeps us viable and efficient in the face of great challenge and change.