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set afloat again

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She said: "There is no risk to life and the crew remain on board in preparation for an attempt to refloat and tow the vessel to safety around midday on Sunday, with the next high water (2.
The Sidon municipality is assisting with efforts to refloat the ship, as the onboard pumps are struggling to make headway with the water rushing in, the source said.
Zebu sank three weeks ago in the Albert Dock - and now work is under way to refloat the historic vessel Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY
Salvesen UK, a Liverpool-based contractor established for over 40 years and now conducting over 1000 diving projects a year, were engaged by Comet Technical Services on behalf of the National Museum of the Royal Navy to conduct a dive survey and some NDT inspection of the vessel during March, the result of which was that the hull was deemed in good enough condition to attempt the refloat.
Giglio Island, Italy - The operation to refloat the wreck of Italy's Costa Concordia cruise ship which began Monday is the biggest salvage project of its kind ever attempted.
An unprecedented operation to refloat the shipwrecked Costa Concordia began Monday in Italy, with salvage workers attempting to raise the rusty liner from its watery grave on the shores of a rugged Tuscan island.
It was agreed to launch the Seahouses Inshore Lifeboat on the rising tide so that a line could be attached to the yacht as it refloated, and assistance given to the sole crewman to safely refloat the vessel.
However, it was reliably learnt that elaborate efforts were made to refloat the submarine.
It took KPT an hour to refloat the vessel through an operation which commenced at around 4 a.
Berdowski also said Boskalis has put forward a "responsible and careful way" to refloat the cruise liner.
The Department of Conservation issued a statement Tuesday saying 40 whales remained stranded on the beach after failing to refloat on Tuesday morning's high tide.
We are trying to reach the owner so that we can refloat the vessel," said Hamriya Port authorities in a statement yesterday.
The 230-metre ship struck the Douglas Shoals section of the reef on April 3, and was grounded for more than a week as salvage teams tried to refloat it.
The operation to refloat her will start later in the week.
candy, beer, and potato chips) nourish certain bacteria that will encourage quick refloat.