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the study of reflex action as it relates to the behavior of organisms

massage to relieve tension by finger pressure

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It won't cost you much, so no need to go looking for alternative practitioners in the phone book, as vertical reflexology is something you do to yourself and for your own benefit.
Newly added treats include the Kuchumaa Hydrotherapy Massage, Cuyamaca Spring Rain Massage, In Ko Pah Sports Massage, and Trailwalker Reflexology.
Naomi turned to reflexology after vets said there was nothing more they could do to cure Jazz - and warned she would be dead within weeks.
Reflexology deals with nerve endings in the hands, feet and ears.
Includes latest techniques developed in recent years on precision reflexology which offers a powerful and effective way of working without using strong physical pressure.
While I was having a random reflexology massage Jo picked up something wasn't quite right.
The roots of both reflexology and acupressure can be found in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India and China.
Ingham, a physiotherapist and pioneer of reflexology claimed that the feet and hands mapped the entire body into "reflexes" on the feet renaming "zone therapy" to reflexology.
To evaluate the safety and efficacy of reflexology, a complementary therapy that applies pressure to specific areas of the feet.
Those who had reflexology first were able to keep their hand in the water for longer before it felt painful (40%), and were able to tolerate the pain longer (45%).
And now she's outperformed top trainees from across the country to take gold in the prestigious Skills Competition Wales final for reflexology, held at Coleg Powys in Brecon.
Back in February, BestMassage added eight new Thai massage tools to its inventory: the Facial Roller, the Four-Point Massage Tool, the Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool, the Hand Reflexology and Foot Stick Combination Tool, the Healing Thumb Massage Tool, the Star Hand Tool, and the Back Scratcher.
A presentation about reflexology will be part of the Spring Valley Free Lecture Series on April 19 from 10 a.
Reflexology is based on the belief that specific points in the feet and hands are joined to all the major organs and parts of the body by 'energy pathways.
Reflexology is based on the belief that points in the feet and hands are joined to all the major organs and parts of the body by 'energy pathways.