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Synonyms for reflexiveness

the coreferential relation between a reflexive pronoun and its antecedent


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(logic and mathematics) a relation such that it holds between an element and itself

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This is where intellectual reflexiveness may play a role, but it still shows that CN context and PN context are treated alike and still does not mean that speakers would assign a stress pattern to these made-up words that violates the active constraints of the Spanish stress system.
A supple ideological reflexiveness in the Hiawatha text enables its readers to gaze into either nationalistic or universalistic self-reflections, a point that can be elucidated by comparing the Polish and Yiddish translations.
This analytical and interpretive reflexiveness in many respects characterized his work in the more formal, deliberative efforts of his Gifford Lectures, published as The Nature and Destiny of Man, quite as much as it animated the content, style, and purposes of the periodical Christianity and Crisis, for which Niebuhr was a founding editor and central writer.
Since the Queensland election, this has produced an unusual kind of reflexiveness in the Australian media.
Gilje's work is a valuable aid in understanding the historical characteristics of each period of riots and the reflexiveness between forms of action and wider society.
ii) Ordering: the preference function D([center dot]) satisfies completeness, reflexiveness and transitivity.
Before delineating Bourdieu's reflexiveness in particular, though, I need to justify my claim that the gesture is a particularly aesthetic--even Kantian--one.
Ironically, this jumping-bean reflexiveness itself has become a tool of self promotion, epitomizing the "We're on top of everything" syndrome in which the message becomes the technology.
To enact and increase a capacity for change, managers need to work on alignment, symbiosis, and reflexiveness.
At the same time, Deineka's combination of severity and hapticity had served as a welcome example of a reflexiveness rare among the socialist realists whose work Rauch studied in East Germany.
He put a great deal of emphasis on the non-verbal aspects of communication, especially through a series of exercises that made use of formal logic, reflexiveness, and language(s).
In his essay "Tragedy as a Meditation on Itself: Reflexiveness in Under the Volcano," to cite a particularly acute rejoinder, Stephen Tift deems "fallacious" such interpretations as work to suggest that "the crux of the Consul's tragedy" resides in "the inability to love" (1978, 46).
This becomes problematic, I feel, when Crews's authority precludes reflection on, or narrative reflexiveness regarding, the text's claim to "truth.
When the lyric "I" does appear there's usually an element of honesty in the voice, an unforced, relaxed reflexiveness, as in the following recognition of the limits of poetry as equipment for living (to use Burke's memorable phrase):
They are "politically reflexive" (21) insofar as they induce globalized reflexiveness and criticism, and draw political attention on a large scale.