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Respiratory reflex responses of the larynx differ between sevoflurane and propofol in pediatric patients.
The startle reflex of Condylostylus fly most certainly constitutes the fastest in insects, as it is 3-10 times faster than the previously reported reflex response times.
Compared with the nondisabled controls, the spastic elbow showed a much stronger tendon reflex impulse response with much higher amplitude and quicker increased amplitude, indicating stronger and quicker reflex responses associated with hyperactive reflexes.
As in reflex responses, UMN lesions decrease the inhibitory drive in the corticospinal tract to produce spasticity during voluntary movement and create abnormalities of posture and tone associated with spasticity.
It is thought they attack in a reflex response to a sudden movement.
Likewise, stimuli that may elicit a reflex response may also come to control behavior in a noneliciting way under other environmental conditions.
In a short-sighted but knee-jerk reflex response, the U.
Arab News <p>ONCE again, in an immediate reflex response to the latest attempted suicide bomb attack on an airliner, airport security has been tightened.
Instinctive, reflex response may mean the difference between making it through another day or going hungry.
ISLAMABAD, 27 May, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The itchy, watery eyes that plague people suffering from allergies could be related to a reflex response triggered by the nose.
I do not mean to boast when I say I have refused parts on all kinds of shows - from I'm A Celebrity to Hell's Kitchen and Dragon's Den - because the truth is that successful businesswomen are in short supply for this kind of thing and my name has become something of a reflex response to media researchers looking for one.
Medication has now been added to a list of proven or postulated causes of CRS-related fatigue: systemic response to local inflammation, sleep disturbance, upper airway resistance syndrome, psychological distress, and reflex response to nasal irritation.
It has been the reflex response of many humanitarians to blame the media for publicizing some emergencies but not others, skewing donations.
He was blue, his heart rate was slow, he had no reflex response, and was not breathing on his own.
Subsequent offspring of the fish will be examined throughout their life with regard to learning, reflex response, and other behaviors.