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However, he elected not to pursue further investigation of the patellar reflex response (Irwin, 1943).
Their time is longer reflex (8-12 milliseconds) and reflex response is proportional to the intensity of the stimulus trigger.
2014b), and the ETS-induced irritant reflex response is mediated via the trigeminal nerve and, therefore, originates in the nose (Gloede et al.
The initial reaction of netizens we can only attribute to a reflex response to wounded pride, or to circling wagons when one of our own is attacked.
forceful expiration without preceding inspiration), an additional laryngeal reflex response often occurring in association with laryngospasm (9) leading to an immediate reduction of the lung volume.
For Mrs Murdoch who was anxiously watching the events from behind her husband, it was a reflex response.
This new record reported here undoubtedly constitutes the fastest reflex response of a member of the animal kingdom ever recorded.
Using a traditional tendon reflex mallet, we located the most sensitive spot on the triceps tendon with the strongest reflex response.
Mean values of the parameter is registered increasing in all groups to be the evidence for multiplication of motor units of the motoneuron pool involved in the reflex response.
In addition, a stretch-induced reflex response can be measured simultaneously as a clinical scale such as the MAS is administered.
Electrical stimulation utilising the flexor reflex response on the common peroneal nerve of one or both legs was used in the TS and OG groups.
It is thought they attack in a reflex response to a sudden movement.
Likewise, stimuli that may elicit a reflex response may also come to control behavior in a noneliciting way under other environmental conditions.
In a short-sighted but knee-jerk reflex response, the U.