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the neural path of a reflex

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Harkening back to Dewey's criticism of the reflex arc isolating stimulus-response events, a more organic model of experience developed in which interpreters and others engaged in negotiations by continuously interacting with their environment were integrated in a cumulative and mutually modifying way to prevent strategic faux pas.
With the use of this technique the monosynaptic reflex arc is interrupted, which reduces the spasticity.
There is now clear evidence demonstrating that corneal sensitivity decreases following LASIK and is believed to cause post-operative dry eye symptoms by interrupting the tear reflex arc and, therefore, reducing lacrimal gland secretion.
Producing a reflex arc reflex requires integrity, leading to damage any component of qualitative and quantitative changes reflex response.
Neuroplasticity is implicated in causing both NDO and AD, mediated by reformation of spinal reflex arcs and bladder afferent neurons following SCI.
When Dewey published a paper on the reflex arc, he criticized the mechanistic explanations of interactions between the mind and the world that behaviorist psychologists made.
The hiccup center may be activated by a great variety of stimuli travelling along different nerve pathways and a reflex arc has been proposed, with the phrenic nerves, vagi, and T6-12 sympathetic fibers as the afferent limb.
Because of these diseases the transmission of impulses along sensory and motor fibers is disrupted, and thus the reflex arc, which provides an erection, also suffers.
Activation of the sinoaortic baroreceptor reflex arc induces analgesia: interaction between cardiovascular and endogenous pain inhibition systems.
Reflex arc of the first component of the human blink reflex: a single motoneurone study.
1,2) Disruption of this neuronal pathway affects the reflex arc that controls fine voluntary movements, resulting in signs and symptoms such as palatal myoclonus and dentatorubral tremor.
Here German and American scholars of philosophy discuss that connection from such perspectives as the diversity of subjects in his philosophy, the dialogue between pragmatism and constructivism in historical perspective, from the reflex arc concept to social constructivism, pragmatist and constructivist theories of the observer, and the theory of culture.
The strength of the levator ani muscles and sacral reflex arc should be tested.
Like a reflex arc, understanding depth can be almost instantaneous.