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the neural path of a reflex

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Here German and American scholars of philosophy discuss that connection from such perspectives as the diversity of subjects in his philosophy, the dialogue between pragmatism and constructivism in historical perspective, from the reflex arc concept to social constructivism, pragmatist and constructivist theories of the observer, and the theory of culture.
The reflex arc is composed of afferent stimulation from the phrenic, vagus, and T6-T12 sympathetic fibers; a hiccup central integrator located either in the cervical cord between C3-C5, the brain stem, or midbrain area; and principal efferent limbs being the phrenic nerves.
Recognizing that the brainstem is part of the hiccup reflex arc, Dr.
Of particular note is the author's painstaking narrative of the developments that led up to Dewey's famous essay "The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology," which was published in 1896 and is now regarded as one of the great documents in the history of psychology.
One theory states that following injury, a reflex arc --a loop or circle involving various elements of the peripheral nervous system --is established.