reflex angle

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an angle greater than 180 degrees (but less than 360)

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Ask them to show you a reflex angle, and then look at the range of sizes of reflex angles (the smallest reflex angle being as close as possible to 180[degrees] and the largest reflex angle being as close as possible to 360[degrees]).
Discuss how the size of a reflex angle can be determined by measuring an acute angle or an obtuse angle and subtracting from 360[degrees], and how the size of an obtuse angle can be determined by finding an acute angle and subtracting from 180[degrees].
Naming angles in a revolution, including reflex angles.
This learning can now be transferred to the real-life dynamic context they have observed (the fan) and extended to the naming of reflex angles and straight angles using a circular fan and concrete materials (plastic plates).
Give them a semicircular protractor with which to measure some reflex angles.