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In less than a year after the commencement of the works, toward the close of September, the gigantic reflector rose into the air to a height of 280 feet.
Clark, of the Cambridge staff, resolved the Crab nebula in Taurus, which the reflector of Lord Rosse had never been able to decompose.
Belfast, dismayed, rushed to the orifice of the reflector.
There was another lamp there with a reflector which quite lit up the several objects in it,--three chairs and some pictures hanging on the wall.
Greasy reflectors of ribbed tin backed them, making quivering disks of light.
At intervals tubes pierce the roof of this underground city, and by means of lenses and reflectors transmit the sunlight, softened and diffused, to dispel what would otherwise be Cimmerian darkness.
The midnight chant had helped as usual to lift the morning above the level of common days; and then there were the smell of hot toast and ale from the kitchen, at the breakfast hour; the favorite anthem, the green boughs, and the short sermon gave the appropriate festal character to the church-going; and aunt and uncle Moss, with all their seven children, were looking like so many reflectors of the bright parlor-fire, when the church-goers came back, stamping the snow from their feet.
The metal reflectors of the gas-jets sent crude waves of light against the whitewashed walls, and the iron flanks of the stove at the end of the hall looked as though they were heaving with volcanic fires.
It was a large room, lighted by oil lamps with tin reflectors.
He said the reflector stickers would help reduce nighttime road accidents involving livestock and rickshaws.
The reflector can easily be wrapped around the antennae of a router, even by non-expert users as showcased in a video below:
This happened because there was no reflector on the block due to which they could not see the road blocker.
HERAEUS NOBLELIGHT says its new solid reflector infrared module (SRM) can significantly speed up heating or improve quality in the processing of thin and sensitive materials such as textiles or tissues and its special construction, incorporating external, top-mounted radial fans, air inlets and outlets, eliminates any air movement over the substrate to be heated, avoiding heat losses due to convection and any possibility of thermal shock.
Print the Reflector for 2017-2018 as per the following BID specifications
Figure 2 shows the response of one element of the sectorized array in pulse-echo mode with a flat reflector at 30 mm.