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a meter that measures the reflectance of a surface

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Time domain reflectometry exploits the dielectric properties of the medium under study and is essentially a guided wave technology that has been widely used in electrical engineering for detection of cable breakages (Yu and Yu 2011).
MOHR Test and Measurement LLC, a supplier of time-domain reflectometry cable test equipment, has shipped its 1000th CT100 Series TDR cable tester to a United States military customer.
The new technique, which was developed by Rahman and his son, Aunik, uses terahertz reflectometry, in which a beam of terahertz-frequency radiation is fired onto the paint.
Acoustic reflectometry is a non-invasive technique based on the capture and later analysis of reflections produced by impedance changes in cylindrical pipes.
The goal of this paper is to explore an automated low cost and reliable technique to monitor strain and damage of composite structures using electric time domain reflectometry (TDR) as a potential SHM technique.
Other methods such as Pulse Arrested Spark Discharge [11], Excited Dielectric Test [12] and Line Impedance Resonance Analysis [13] were also proposed later, and can be viewed as reflectometry variations.
Reflectometry is one of the most widely applied especially for detecting hard faults.
The guidelines were not written to apply to infants younger than 6 months, and in the youngest infants, tympanometry and acoustic reflectometry may be less accurate.
The 80 papers consider such topics as combining color constancy and gamma correction for image enhancement, haptic guidance using primitives for executing virtual robotic tasks, a neighborhood hybrid structure for optimizing mechanical properties of a microalloyed steel based on its chemical composition, the robust fractional digital control of a first-order plus integrator process, an experimental platform of a physical model for a quadrotor helicopter, a simulation model to solve the forward problem in acoustic reflectometry, and three basic geometries of rings containing microstrip antennas.
The NanoCalc System utilizes spectroscopic reflectometry to accurately determine optical thin-film thicknesses for consumer, semiconductor, medical, and industrial applications.
T600 features normal and oblique incidence spectroscopic reflectometry that is optimised for best sensitivity on small features and measurement of high-aspect-ratio structures.
This automated measurement uses a combination of time-domain reflectometry (TDR) and frequency-domain reflectometry (FDR) to display a graphical depiction (through a simple wiring diagram) of the location and length of bridged taps and the end of the cable.
The team can also undertake complex specialist tests such as motion thermography, reflectometry and environmental and stress testing, as well as high speed imaging.