reflective power

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the ratio of reflected to incident light


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What's more, there is a youthfulness and reflective power that the young provide that grandparents need.
The average literate person being devoid of reflective power but capable of sensation, his literacy creates a demand for a large volume of printed matter addressed to sensation; and this form of literature, being the worst in circulation, fixes the value of all the rest and tends to drive it out.
Mirrors are also a good way of creating the illusion of space so find a spot on your hall wall that makes the most of a mirror's reflective power.
ALBEDOS: The reflective power of a surface, especially a celestial body such as the moon.
For the holiday season Sally Hansen Ruby Chromes Holiday Chrome nail makeup boasts a microfine sterling silver formula said to lend nails the reflective power to capture 100% more light.
The reflective powers of a plain sheet of water are great and you can make a rill (formal canal of water) or a stream in the tiniest of gardens and it's wonderful in bringing light in.
Journalists have to overcome the deep-seated notion that they are simply observers and make better use of their reflective powers.