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the fraction of radiant energy that is reflected from a surface

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Seismic attributes such as interval velocity, acoustic impedance, formation density and reflection coefficient were derived from seismic time sections and well logs (Fateh-01 and Panairi-01).
1), the ratio between the reflections will provide the desired reflection coefficient between the water and the material that can be used in (4) to calculate the density.
The analysis necessary for this paper requires derivation of the reflection coefficient due to electric and magnetic line sources.
iA] are real and imaginary parts of reflection coefficient at [z'.
The computed bandwidth is around 18% for reflection coefficients less than -10 dB (Case 4 in Table 1).
The input impedance and the reflection coefficient at the input port of TE and TM transmission lines are:
Its main performance parameter is the reflection coefficient, [GAMMA], which depends on the permeability ([micro]) and the permittivity ([epsilon]) of the base materials, as well as their order.
The power transmission and input reflection coefficient ([S.
Using the signal-flow graph technique, the transmission coefficient and reflection coefficient can be obtained as in [100].
These methods have been developed by many researchers, they exploit the reflection coefficient only [5], [6] or the transmission coefficient only [7] or both [2], [3],[8] to extract the dielectric constant of materials.
Other geoelectric parameters were derived from the fundamental parameters mentioned above (Zohdy et al, 1974), such as anisotropy coefficient ([lambda]) and reflection coefficient.
In the present paper the reflection coefficient approach is further developed for both SISO and multi-input multi-output (MIMO) robust state controllers.