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Before this, the far less well-known Scots astronomer and mathematician James Gregory designed a reflecting telescope which is now known as a Gregorian telescope.
5-inch reflecting telescope with a mirror he made himself.
Newton also built the first practical reflecting telescope and developed a theory of colour based on observing how a prism decomposes white light into colours of the visible spectrum.
Hubble is a reflecting telescope using a primary concave mirror and a secondary convex mirror.
A concave reflecting telescope is built by Niccolo Zucchi, an Italian Jesuit and physicist.
State-of-the-art facilities include a Virtual Nursing Learning Center, VisBox[TM] virtual-learning system, theater, non-linear video editing lab, a campus radio station, 16-inch computer-controlled reflecting telescope, DNA sequencing, weather station with Doppler Radar, and Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources that is equipped with a robotic book-retrieval system.
After Newton had given up the idea of an achromatic lens, he concentrated on his invention, the reflecting telescope, recognizing quite correctly that in a reflecting telescope, light was focused independent of wavelength.
The 600mm reflecting telescope allows you to detect stars several thousand light years away.
Galileo improved the basic design of the telescope and managed to make observations of the moon and Jupiter, and in 1663 Scottish astronomer James Gregory invented the reflecting telescope, which prevented the colours of the image being distorted by refraction.
Newton, best known for discovering gravity, is the father of modern physics who invented calculus, established the laws of motion and built the first reflecting telescope.
Doi, 48, found the supernova, coded SN 2002gw, using a 30-centimeter reflecting telescope at his observatory near Houston, Texas, according to the national observatory.
In 1668, therefore, he built the first reflecting telescope, and thereafter two
Four-Meter Class Reflecting Telescope Will Serve the Research Goals of Lowell Observatory and Educational and Programming Goals of Discovery Communications
John joined the Bristol Astronomical Society in the mid-1950s, and was later on the committee during the building of the society's observatory at Failand, south of Bristol, negotiating with the landowner concerning the site, building of the observatory and installation of the 12-inch reflecting telescope.