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Synonyms for reflect

Synonyms for reflect

to send back the sound of

to send back or form an image of


to copy (another) slavishly

to use the powers of the mind, as in conceiving ideas, drawing inferences, and making judgments

Synonyms for reflect

manifest or bring back

to throw or bend back (from a surface)

be bright by reflecting or casting light

show an image of

Related Words

give evidence of a certain behavior

give evidence of the quality of

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As expected, the revenue procedure provides an automatic procedure for certain taxpayers to change to either the retail safe harbor method or to a self-developed method that clearly reflects income.
The steepness of the drop this time mainly reflects the unusual weakness in several components of income out of which the propensity to consume is high.
These statements reflect what Biophan anticipates, expects, or believes may happen in the future.
446(b) to require the use of an accounting method that clearly reflects income, the IRS disallowed the taxpayer's use of the hybrid method, and attempted to force the taxpayer to report all of its income and expenses on the accrual method.
Most of this difference reflects sizable additions to loss provisions by large banks for loans to developing countries (chart 4).
Reflect Scientific provides products for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical industries and has had consistent year-over-year growth for more than 13 years.
For information related to the Reflect Scientific, contact Investor Relations: Michael Dancy, 801-746-3570, e-mail: medancy@allwest.
The tagline of Healthy Together was chosen to reflect APS' unique positioning as a provider of behavioral health and care management services.
In addition, the ratings reflect the integrity of the transaction's legal structure as well as the capabilities of Ameriquest Mortgage Company as master servicer.
Berkley Insurance Group's rating affirmations reflect its adequate capitalization for its current ratings, strong operating cash flows and the excellent underwriting and operating performance of its sub-group, Berkley Regional Group.
Reflect Scientific received, as part of its completed Merger, all rights to Cryomastor intellectual property, product and customer testing programs that Cryomastor has underway.