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inflation of currency after a period of deflation

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But markets remain extremely doubtful that European Central Bank (ECB) reflation will go hand-in-hand with reform in Europe.
These are recovery, reverse, reform, reflation, re-railing and rally.
Even in a medium- to long-term perspective, there is no prospect of a European government with the authority needed to engineer a continent- wide reflation.
These factors, taken together, point to the potential of a collective force of central banks geared, in one way or another, toward the reflation of aggregate demand.
The monetary reflation factor alone could be enough to see gold rise well above $2000.
A solution will have to entail some reflation and growth as well as re- duction in government spending.
Real estate capital remains 'sticky' and we think the sector is part- way through a prolonged period of asset stagflation rather than asset reflation,' Nomura said in a note.
In 2011, the policy-driven themes of reflation, which is the intentional pursuit of modestly higher prices, and a broader U.
But a Wicksell-Hayek recession is not amenable to fiscal reflation.
But far more influential may have been the change of heart that took place among French Socialists following the collapse of their experiment in Keynesian reflation in the early 1980's.
Rick said another reason why controlled reflation may occur, which could reveal more clues as to whether credit unions could experience falling earnings due to rapid mortgage growth, is that the Federal Reserve will counteract inflationary pressures caused by rising private-sector demand drawing down bank liquidity and raising short-term interest rates.
They have cause to be worried, given Washington's astonishing bet on fiscal and monetary reflation.
Summary: infrastructural mega-projects carried out by Algeria, as part of the plans for the economic reflation, were presented in Rome by Transport Minister Amar Tou, at the 6th Conference of the Group of Western Mediterranean Transport Ministers (GTMO 5+5), held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Rome.
Given that the global authorities have embarked upon a deliberate policy of monetary reflation, it would seem reasonable to assume deflation will be short-lived.
We need a reflation package to stimulate recovery and it is needed right now.