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economics: experience reflation

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economics: raise demand, expand the money supply, or raise prices, after a period of deflation

inflate again

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become inflated again

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the hopes that the demand from these speculators will help reflate asset
By Alexander Friedman/Zurich The 21st-century economy has thus far been shaped by capital flows from China to the United States -- a pattern that has suppressed global interest rates, helped to reflate the developed world's leverage bubble, and, through its impact on the currency market, fuelled China's meteoric rise.
Japan's decisive moves to reflate its economy will support growth in the near term, but it will need to manage the twin challenge of providing near-term stimulus and achieving longer-term sustainability," the draft communique said, although the version circulated by Britain and seen by Reuters was put together before the recent market turmoil.
The foreign exchange market is also likely to feature high on the agenda after the dollar topped 100 yen for the first time in more than four years overnight, as Tokyo's aggressive stimulus efforts to reflate the Japanese economy continue to depress its currency.
The US economy is on a growth path, Europe is in a mild recession, Japan is determined to reflate and Chinese GDP is still near eight per cent, with emerging market growth solidly above five per cent.
It means that the BOJ is deathly serious about their plans to reflate the economy," said Neal Gilbert, market strategist at GFT Forex, in a note to clients.
Those on the left demanded increased social spending to ease suffering and reflate the sagging economy, while those on the right insisted that only steep cuts and sound monetary policies could create the lasting prosperity that would benefit all.
But "to reflate the economy," he assured us, "the Fed doesn't have to restore business investment; any kind of increase in demand will do.
These countries keep interest rates close to zero in order to reflate their and the world's economies.
In Britain a lot of political forces then exerted pressure on the government to reflate the economy while the rules of the Gold Standard required to keep very high interest rates.
China's growth is expected to slow but experience a soft landing as the authorities move to reflate early in 2012.
Now, if that is so, we say we are going to have no option but to reflate even more on our own.