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Synonyms for refinery

something that purifies or cleans

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an industrial plant for purifying a crude substance

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The engineers have promised to deploy the knowledge and skills acquired during the training to ensure Nigeria is saved the embarrassment of fuel scarcity when the refinery comes on stream.
Grace Refinery plans to invest $5 billion in Punjab as part of an ambitious venture that would have a positive impact on both the economy and local population.
The Oil Ministry's cadres in Beiji Refinery and supporting companies have managed to repair Beijy Refinery, after a corruption attack on its 'North' Refinery Unit, restoring its 150,000 bpd productivity," Minister Lueiby told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Under an $80m contract signed in late 1998, the Anglo-Turkish Catego Energy-Gallion consortium has built a 185-km pipeline carrying very heavy crude oil from the Kokdumalak field of Uzbekistan to the Seidi refinery.
The truth is Mark Cutifani, the current president of Inco's Sudbury operations, is the first executive with the guts to do anything at all about the refinery.
The street Ford calls home looks like any other suburban stretch, except that its backdrop is a blazing refinery outlined by a gray blanket of smoke.
There was a problem with our refinery (in Wilmington) that occurred on Wednesday and I believe it (the problem) still exists,'' said Denise Brady, a spokeswoman for San Antonio, Texas-based Valero.
Attock Refinery - Rawalpindi 30,000 National Refinery - Karachi 65,000 Pakistan Refinery - Karachi 28,000 TOTAL: 123,000
Refinery Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units - Global Market Analysis, Capacity Forecasts and Competitive Landscape to 2015 is a comprehensive report on the global refinery FCC market.
Inco will be closing its Sudbury copper refinery by year's end.
MRC), the Daura refinery is located just outside Baghdad.
Gas prices continue to explode like a California oil refinery and are expected to jump as much as 4 cents per gallon within the next 10 days, thanks to tight crude oil supplies and continuing problems at the state's refineries, energy industry analysts said Friday.
Shandong Huaxing Petrochemical Refinery and Shandong Zhenghe Group Co.
Way back in the late 1800s, crude oil was piped across the Santa Clarita Valley, from Mentryville to the Pioneer Oil Refinery, where it was processed into kerosene and grease and loaded onto trains for shipment.