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Synonyms for refinery

something that purifies or cleans

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an industrial plant for purifying a crude substance

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The Global Refinery Catalyst market has been growing since the past several years.
He said the Ministry, with record efforts have managed to restore full production activity to the Unit, for which an experimental commissioning process took place, to resume the pumping process of oil products through the pipelines of the Refinery.
At the refinery, the secondary explosions have ruptured pipelines to several smaller pressurized tanks that contain thousands of gallons of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.
The Refinery is being closed because of an intransigent union, and historically weak management at Inco.
While the Chalmette refinery uses its own fixed monitors, activists say the devices test for too few chemicals, too far from the homes nearby.
Valero's Wilmington refinery produces 50,000 barrels of gasoline per day, while the ChevronTexaco refinery produces 120,000 barrels a day.
We know with the attrition rate we've experienced, we can absorb the remainder of the employees at the refinery into other areas.
A tight oil supply and ``myriad refinery problems'' have pushed up the spot price, Welge said.
Last week, Valero confirmed what OPIS first reported on January 29, 2007; namely, that it would seek a buyer for its 170,000 b/d Lima, Ohio refinery.
Way back in the late 1800s, crude oil was piped across the Santa Clarita Valley, from Mentryville to the Pioneer Oil Refinery, where it was processed into kerosene and grease and loaded onto trains for shipment.
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings has affirmed the ratings of Tesoro Petroleum Corporation (Tesoro) following the company's announcement that it has agreed to acquire Shell Oil Products' (Shell) 100,000 bpd Wilmington refinery in Los Angeles.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Europe Refinery Industry Outlook Report (Q3 2014)- Analysis of Markets, Infrastructure, Supply- Demand, Companies and Investments to 2020 http://www.