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take on a loan


  • take on a loan
  • borrow
  • remortgage

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renew the financing of

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The survey found that 49 percent of mortgage debt holders had refinanced their loan by 2001 or early 2002 but that these refinancers accounted for 53 percent of outstanding mortgage debt.
The recent-refinancer survey revealed that once refinancers decided to shop around for a new mortgage, the Internet was the most common source of information (35 percent).
Propel Financial Services is a Texas-based private refinancer that assists property owners who are delinquent on their property taxes by structuring affordable monthly payment plans.
While the individual has always had the legal ability to purchase their own title insurance, the service has never been marketed directly to the buyer or refinancer.
The National Association of Realtors, which had railed against FHA's policy for more than a decade, estimated that during 2003 alone, sellers and refinancers were forced to pay nearly $690 million in extra interest charges.
On the profit side, we focus on potential increases in originators' pricing power due to capacity constraints, industry concentration, or switching costs for refinancers.
26 -43 -47 for refinancers ($/month) NOTE: Quartiles and all statistics were calculated on a weighted basis.
Both were founded to make the mortgage process easier and more transparent for home buyers and refinancers as well as more efficient and more cost effective for lenders.
After a year characterized by grumpy partisan gridlock, Congress came up with a Thanksgiving compromise that could change the mortgage choices of buyers and refinancers in more than 660 markets across the country: It raised maximum loan limits for the Federal Housing Administration while leaving loan ceilings untouched for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
One possible explanation for why borrower incomes have fallen below their 2004 levels for home-purchase borrowers, but not refinancers, may be a larger share of loans to first-time homebuyers.
If you actually look at a lot of foreclosures, you see repeat refinancers -- people who, on the basis that home values were going up, kept taking equity.
Some refinancers used their loan savings to increase equity in their homes, while others withdrew billions to fund a consumer spending spree--home remodeling projects, cars, vacations--that former Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan and many others credited with softening a recession that might have been much worse.
While baby boomers am still active borrowers, or at least refinancers, them are early signs that this group is waking up to the need for stockpiling sufficient financial assets for the golden years.
However, in the second quarter of 2003, the share of refinancers doing so was at its lowest level in years.