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Synonyms for refinance

take on a loan


  • take on a loan
  • borrow
  • remortgage

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renew the financing of

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The combination of strong wage growth, falling energy prices, solid job growth, and mortgage refi cash will give the consumer plenty of cash to spend in the early going of 2007.
However, as part of the process of adjustment toward a common official interest rate, the rate hikes will be more modest in Sweden than in the euro zone, and by the end of 2005 the repo and refi rates will have fully converged (see Diagram 37).
Therefore, we implemented one iteration of REFI with [[?
ECB meets Most discussion about what the ECB will do at its meeting on Thursday centres on whether it will cut interest rates, something the bank's policymakers discussed last month before opting to hold the refi benchmark at a record low 0.
Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans for small business owners who want to acquire, develop or refinance their own facilities, recently closed a commercial refi loan for Canalside Inn, Inc.
The bank cut its refi rate, or the benchmark refinancing rate, by 50bps to 11percent.
Nia Roberts fydd yn ein tywys ni drwy'r cyfan ac un maes fydd yn derbyn ei sylw yw'r celfi Cymreig a'r ffordd y daeth dodrefn cefn gwlad fel y cwpwrdd tridarn ac all or pob aelwyd, y dreser Cymreig, yn nodweddion mor amlwg mewn cart refi dros y blynyddoedd.
Not surprisingly, as rates went up, refi applications dropped.
By alerting people to the importance of no-cost refinancing (and making many home owners aware that a no-cost refi is available), CashCall could end up saving consumers millions of dollarsO dollars that once went straight into the pockets of mortgage lenders.
Powered by a stronger-than-expected refi boom this year, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) forecast released at MBA's annual convention anticipates 2012 full-year origination volume coming in at $1.
We were able to transition from the refi business to other products.
Tomorrow: EU: ECB rate announcement At last month's meeting the ECB finally cut the refi rate by 25bps to 0.
The average credit score for FHA refi loans that closed in June 20 1 2 was 716, while the average for FHA purchase loans closed in that month was 701.
Economics: BoJ monthly financial report, Japan April trade balance, UK BBA analysis of bank lending, UK prov M4, M4 lending for April, UK BSA building society lending for April, UK CML mortgage lending survey for April, UK April PSNCR, UK April non-EU trade, March world trade, ECB refi announcement, US Treasury auction of short-term T-bills.
LOUIS -- Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative, a national alliance of mortgage bankers, announced that on April 1, 2009, one of its members became the first institution in the country to sell a Refi Plus[TM] loan to Fannie Mae.