referred pain

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pain that is felt at a place in the body different from the injured or diseased part where the pain would be expected

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10) Several mechanisms found in the autonomic nervous system illustrate this phenomenon such as the previously mentioned referred pain (for example, visceral pathology leading to back pain) or mechanical compensation (such as hip pain in someone with a limb length discrepancy).
2) In the absence of a traumatic event, acute onset groin pain should raise suspicion for gastrointestinal or genitourinary diagnoses with referred pain to the hip.
I had to use a buggy because my knees were sore, but the specialists at Spire identified that it was referred pain from my hips.
Pancreatitis is usually seen as an excruciating epigastric pain with referred pain to the back.
Clinical features mimic like pain of entrapment neuropathy, intercostals neuralgia, referred pain like cholycystitis, renal pain.
including facet arthropathy myeloma Soft-tissue injuries Myopathy Infections of bone, disc or epidura Lumbosacral Referred pain plexopathy Table 5.
The pain in your lips is referred pain from the nerve that supplies the tooth.
We describe the case of a 51-year-old man who presented with severe pain in his tongue and throat and referred pain in his right ear, along with odynophagia, fever, and hoarseness
3,5 Damage of this structure produces inflammation and can cause local or referred pain during the soft palate function.
Sophie said: "My mum had been ill for a while and had been to her GP a few times with back pain, which can be referred pain from cancer.
The pain in an ear with no sign may be somatic or referred pain from other areas.
Myofascial trigger points are defined as hyperirritable points located in taut bands of skeletal muscle or fascia which when compressed cause local tenderness and/or referred pain (Simons 2002, Tough et al 2009, Yap 2007).
Referred pain might originate from the ureter (ureteric stone) prostate (chronic prostatitis) or lumbar spine (degenerative lesions).
Less likely considerations were impingement syndrome, sinus tarsi syndrome, dislocation of the peroneal tendons and referred pain.