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Highest sound levels were near the speed table and at the reference point 1 meter near the same street where speed table has no impact on traffic noise.
A huge roar from the packed Sandown stands was the accompaniment to an almighty battle as Reference Point dug deeper than ever before succumbing in the closing stages to the superior acceleration of Mtoto, who nailed him by three-quarters of a length.
Contrary to the present analysis, they take a reference point that lies between w and final wealth after buying full insurance.
Estimation parameters by the least squares method [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] clearly demonstrated the negative influence of an unstable reference point on the designated values of the coordinates of the monitored points (Table 1).
After a brief review of the most prominent reference point approaches, Brauers and Zavadskas (2006, 2009), Brauers et al.
Applying prospect theory to the case of corporate owners' risk taking propensity, literature suggests that owners should immediately display loss averse and reference point dependent behavior once they have endowed a possession (Boven, Loewenstein & Dunning, 2003) - whether the owner is controlling a family or a nonfamily firm.
We are currently facing problems rising from the fact that we have not started from a reference point regarding the solution of the problem," said Talat, adding that there would have been a faster progress in the island if the parties had taken the Annan Plan as a starting point.
Given these remarks the author prefers rather the following nonlinear methods: reference point theory and goal programming, multiplicative theory and ratio analysis.
If the buffer itself shows damage or signs of leakage and the stop shows less than 1/8 inch of finish missing, replace the hydraulic buffer and touch up the stop with solid film lubricant to restore a visual reference point for future wear to the stop.
Prospect theory (Kahneman & Tversky, 1979) suggests that consumers compare decision criteria against a reference point when evaluating alternatives.
The Anglican Church of Canada's General Synod in 1975 voted that women could be ordained as priests and that is often the reference point for many when they think of women as ministers.
It discloses how a cell site would be used as the reference point for selecting the GPS satellites used in determining a mobile user's precise location.
Mighty Map is the first tool to seamlessly deliver highly varied data sets all viewable with this single reference point in mind.
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