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Hala Sulaibeekh said that the BSSP has succeeded in its endevour to create a library which currently includes 12 reference books on strategic planning made available by the society for the benefit of higher study or postgraduate students seeking to obtain a master's or doctoral degree.
BEIRUT: The American University of Beirut launched a landmark reference book on health in Lebanon and the Middle East Tuesday under the patronage of Prime Minister Najib Mikati.
The reference book is available on the Internet through SustainNet at https://forums.
Fully updated for 2007 with 2006 figures as a comparison, 50 tables of figures and 14 full colour charts have been packed into this handy-sized reference book that nobody in livestock can afford to be without.
To effectively query the database and generate dynamic lists of e-Reference books, a unique list of codes that represent subjects and reference book types needed to be developed.
It is believed JK, 41, would compile the reference book from background notes she has kept over the past decade.
Originally published in 1987, this reference book by Sinclair, professor emeritus of plant pathology at Cornell University, and Lyon, a photographer from Cornell, has been her aided as one of the best horticultural books of the century.
9 kg) reference book on the UK's oil and gas fields, which has been published to-date.
Garden Stone is a welcome and specialized addition to any personal, professional, or community library Gardening/Landscaping reference book collection.
A good herbal reference book can help you determine which part of a specific plant is used as medicine and how to use herbs that may be new to you.
Designed as a textbook and reference book, it explains what bleaching is, why pulp is bleached, and how bleaching is done.
The great and the good appear in Debrett's People of Today 2005, a reference book published by the self-proclaimed authority on Britain's aristocracy and all matters of etiquette.
The reference book, which was first published 18 years ago, lists between 25,000 and 32,000 of what it sees as Britain's top achievers - 0.
From how to spool line on a reel, to setting up a kit rig, to trolling lures, picking a fly rod or buying swivels - just about anything related to tackle for fishing - this is the reference book.
This book serves as a major reference book on this important technology.
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