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capable of being assigned or credited to

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Pickwick might very probably have reasoned himself into the belief that it really was, had he not, just then happening to look out of the coach window, observed that the looks of the passengers betokened anything but respectful astonishment, and that various telegraphic communications appeared to be passing between them and some persons outside the vehicle, whereupon it occurred to him that these demonstrations might be, in some remote degree, referable to the humorous deportment of Mr.
And in regard to Truth, if, to be sure, through the attainment of a truth we are led to perceive a harmony where none was apparent before, we experience at once the true poetical effect; but this effect is referable to the harmony alone, and not in the least degree to the truth which merely served to render the harmony manifest.
The old girl's umbrella is of a flabby habit of waist and seems to be in need of stays--an appearance that is possibly referable to its having served through a series of years at home as a cupboard and on journeys as a carpet bag.
Bottom line- you've got to build a referable business.
5 Mfd, 440 V, Ac Certified To Is 1709/1984 Revised 1, Amendment 2, Referable Make: Sunny/Usha/ Epcos/Mommya/Keltron.
All your symptoms could be referable to the menopause when your ovaries no longer produce the hormone oestrogen.
But a spokesman for SAVE Britain's Heritage called the claims "nonsense" and added: "Only a small handful of major schemes would be referable to the World Heritage Committee.
The study investigators concluded that EyeArt achieved acceptable sensitivity for referable retinopathy when compared with a quality-assured, real world human grader working in a high volume clinical setting as a reference standard, and had specificity sufficient to make it a cost effective alternative to a purely manual grading approach.
Are you sure they are referable to drug dealing or might there be an innocent explanation?
When a borrower lodges a complaint against the bank, the case is referable only to Cypriot courts.
If there is a clause in the employee's contract that provides the employer may at its discretion terminate the employee's employment by paying in lieu of notice (what are known as PILON clauses) then any payment referable to that notice period is taxable.
This effective coverage of customer demand is highly appreciable and even referable in and outside the country.
The bottom left-hand corner (in bold) indicates 'over-grading' according to the standard, and the top right-hand corner (in italics) indicates 'under-grading' of referable images.
Jailing Finselbach for six years, Judge Williams told him: "I reject your account that the drugs were steroids and am satisfied that the significant increase in the amount of drugs coming into the wing is referable to you.
Young and colleagues presented the use of standard percutaneous techniques and placement of a radiopaque embolization coil into the pedicle of interest under biplanar fluoroscopy in one patient with progressive myelopathy referable to thoracic disc/osteophyte compression at T10-11.