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a long narrow dining table supported by a stretcher between two trestles

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Mix and match pieces of solid pine furniture, such as antique chairs, a scrubbed refectory table, rockers and a dresser displaying vintage crockery.
On the massive chestnut refectory table sits the most fantastic array of early silver.
The entrance led straight into a large hall, containing a fine, solid oak refectory table on which stood a pewter charger filled with pot-pourri.
For the business traveler who insists on working "The Office and Library" is a private room with eight business stations, fax machines, telephones, printers, photocopiers and library with antique refectory table (which has been retained from the previous Clubhouse and originally came from Sir Richard's house).
Purchased from the estate of the American property tycoon Abraham Hozz, the collection boasts a number of significant pieces, including a magnificent late sixteenth-century English walnut drawleaf refectory table, believed to be one of only six such tables extant.
Clive Barker, ruggedly handsome at 49 and looking vaguely piratical in a black shirt and gold earring, sits at a wooden refectory table in one of the three houses that form his residential compound high in the canyon country above Beverly Hills.
Martin had flown into teach PS100-ahead classes in The Cookery Club and to host PS150-a-head dinners at its refectory table.
Previous owner Lord Runcorn extensively restored the grand property and bought several oak tables from his old school Marlborough College and used them to re-floor the hall room on the second floor which is 40 feet long and 17 feet wide and where one refectory table still survives.
The private dining room is a bamboo-accentuated room with a single modern refectory table and pink seating for 10 guests.
If you're really not into renovating a refectory table or repainting a vintage cupboard, you could find pieces to tempt you at Nigel's Eco Store.
An Otto extendable refectory table costs from pounds 1,095, and Franklin dining chairs from pounds 225 each.
A chair costs from pounds 98 and a refectory table, pounds 1,295.
A night stand was adapted from an 18th century Venetian table; a trestle table was derived from an early 17th century English refectory table.
The kitchen is light and bright with white walls, a large, wooden refectory table and French dresser.
Hailing from the Back Bay neighbourhood of Boston, Massachusetts, the band formed around a refectory table in their freshman year, and have rapidly proved themselves to be among the most distinctive ensembles around, gaining comparisons with, most notably, Belle and Sebastian.