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The tactile work helped reenforce the ecological importance of saving virgin jungle and the wildlife it protects.
EccVue is comprised of several modules for training eccentric viewing, and includes components that reenforce eccentric stimulation and refixation (Figure 1).
After reading a recent Mech article that explained how the maintenance officer at the Naval Safety Center once recalled his skipper from a flight because of a lost tool, it made me realize that I had a lesson to share to reenforce the importance of tool-control procedures.
The alluded shorcomings and discordances reenforce the interest for new and differently oriented approaches of the [L.
It also helps to reenforce the area as a centre for professional services activities.
The overall effect of Dark Side of the Moon on viewers is therefore less likely to reenforce existing beliefs in the moon hoax as such, but rather of self-reflexively questioning the reliability of factual discourses, especially those on television.
And how can we reenforce that word to get better positioning?
These factors reenforce and perhaps make convenient the pride that the humanitarian community all too often takes in being "reactive.
I called the 1st Platoon leader (RED 6) and told him to move his platoon across the street and move west down market street and reenforce 1st Platoon from Bravo Company.
Parents were encouraged to overcome their embarrassment and reenforce the message as strongly as possible for the sake of their children's health.
Mr Grimsey added, ``The strategic initiatives we are now rolling out across the group in line with our recovery strategy will have a progressive impact and reenforce this process.
In their survey of the comedies, Summers and Pebworth emphasize Jonson's brilliant plotting, arguing that in his best plays "the classical strictures Jonson voluntarily adopts never intrude as artificially enforced rules; rather, they serve to strengthen design and to reenforce theme" (35).
If there is a difference worth noting here, I would suggest that where Wittgenstein resorts to a narrativization of the image in an attempt to solve a problem, Antin relies on narrativization to manifest and to reenforce the problematics of the key questions or issues that arise in his talk poems.
Paul Shore in his "Invisible History" (November/December 2000) seems to reenforce that view while relating horror stories dating back to World War II.
Vivien, I believe, failed him not only because she was sick and neurasthenic, but because she did not share and, therefore, could not reenforce his memories of a first world.