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a person who enacts a role in an event that occurred earlier

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But the lineup also represents the "Super Bowl" of living history events for hundreds of reenactors from across New England.
Caption: A reenactor group portrait taken at Cascade Park in Jackson.
The psychological links connecting reenactor and reenactment have evaded most students of living history.
So when big groups of reenactors get together to re-stage a great Civil War battle, you'll find lots of kids taking part.
The play, about a Civil War reenactor holding his family hostage to their heritage, takes its title from the weed that was imported from China and Japan during Reconstruction to arrest soil erosion--and then advanced across the South like General Sherman, consuming entire fields, forests and tobacco shacks in lush, elaborate topiaries.
In addition to the curriculum, students are encouraged to visit the battlefields or for a Civil War reenactor to visit the class.
The reenactor, Christy Coleman, emerges as a dedicated re-creator of the "world the slaves made".
WW1 reenactor Paul Thompson, dressed in the uniform of a First World War General amongst the Shot at <BDawn memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, reads General Congreve's letter
Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution meeting and program "Under the Petticoats'' presented by Samantha Morgan, a colonial reenactor and volunteer with Acton Minutemen, 1:30 p.
Arriving in a 1930s vintage vehicle on Saturday, an FDR reenactor will read excerpts of the former president's July 1936 speech, according to SNP spokeswoman Karen Beck-Herzog.
It may sound like a joke, but how do you tell a reenactor when that person is not in kit?
Hilderman III began studying the American Civil War at age eight: he became a reenactor at fourteen and is now retired--and has even more time to devote to the topic.
I am a Civil War Confederate reenactor in the Army of Tennessee.
The editor, a teacher and Civil War reenactor who resides in Sparta, Georgia, has published primarily the letters that were exchanged between a devoted mother, Charlotte Branch, widow and milliner of Savannah, and her three sons who were equally devoted to her.