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Synonyms for reeler

someone who walks unsteadily as if about to fall

a dancer of reels

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Key words: Defense gene, Reeler domain, Ap Def Gene, Antheraea pernyi, qRT-PCR, Innate immune, Chinese Oak silkworm.
Paradoxical effects of prenatal acetylcholinesterase blockade on neurobehavioral development and drug-induced stereotypies in reeler mutant mice.
Postnatal shifts of interneuron position in the neocortex of normal and reeler mice: evidence for inward radial migration.
Ms Reeler said the last time the Tarut Fort was excavated was when the Danish were there in the 1960s and the last Thaj digs were in the 1980s.
In addition to receptor downregulation, excess OT has been shown to downregulate OTR-mRNA (42), and there appears to be a connection in haploinsufficient reeler mice arid OTR downregulation (43).
Reeler clasifica las practicas de desarrollo en dos paradigmas: el paradigma de desarrollo <<convencional>> y el <<alternativo>> (Reeler 2004).
Dot worked as a reeler at Courtaulds as well as working at Rotherhams, Ti-Matrix and as a cook at Hawthorn Lodge care home.
Mick Griffiths, of M J Griffiths Transport Ltd, said: "The Ekeri Side-Loading reeler perfectly suited our needs.
But different activities are undertaken to achieve this objective in different locations, as illustrated by the Fortuna Reeler, Maitland, Elpis and Columbus Iselin case studies.
ROCK and reeler Pete Doherty does the can can - can of beer in hand variety - as he twirls in the street after another all-hours bash with lover Kate Moss.
The order also included new intermediate calender, a new reeler, the modification of the refining systems and a new roll finishing solution.
REELER, Doug (2003) If you Meet the White Rabbit on the Road, Steal
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The ZRP demonstrably ignore the rule of law at home," commented Tony Reeler of the Human Rights Forum in Zimbabwe.
Tony Reeler, of the anti-torture organisation AMANI Trust in Zimbabwe (www.