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Synonyms for reeler

someone who walks unsteadily as if about to fall

a dancer of reels

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Paradoxical effects of prenatal acetylcholinesterase blockade on neurobehavioral development and drug-induced stereotypies in reeler mutant mice.
Ms Reeler said the last time the Tarut Fort was excavated was when the Danish were there in the 1960s and the last Thaj digs were in the 1980s.
Oxytocin receptors in brain cortical regions are reduced in haploinsufficient (+/-) reeler mice.
The ZRP demonstrably ignore the rule of law at home," commented Tony Reeler of the Human Rights Forum in Zimbabwe.
The Poly Cage can hydraulically be raised with any Wheel Reeler spool trailer or custom fit for most others.
Studies in countries as diverse as India, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Vietnam have confirmed the popularity of injections among patients (Birungi and Whyte 1993, Reeler 1990).
The animals are known as reeler mice because they have great difficulty walking.
The Littleport, UK factory provides complete workover control umbilical and reeler packages to the majority of deepwater oil & gas projects worldwide.
0 Cubic Meter, With Flame Proof Electricals And Without Cable Reeler For Use In Underground Coal Mines.
The first Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde film was shown as a one reeler back in 1908.
Most countries now have money and drugs, but less than 5 percent of patients in need of ARVs in Africa have access to them," said Anne Reeler, Chief Operating Officer of Axios and co-author of the article.
In addition, the following individuals contributed substantially to the development of one or more specific methods in PANCEA: Sergio Bautista, Jo-Ann Du Plessis, Geoff Garnett, Birgit Hansl, Nell Marshall, Sowedi Muyingo, Christian Pitter, and Anne Reeler.
The Reeler is New York City's unofficial resource for relevant news, happenings and gossip emerging from the world of New York City cinema.
95) is a versatile, compact organization set that includes a built-in hose reeler to keep all of your nozzles, attachments and hose in one place.
Rod and Reeler Tim Vowels of North Hollywood hooked three bass early, including a nice 2-1/2-pounder, before anyone else had a pair.