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Chief Justice Abdul Hamid Dogar dismissed the petition by Barrister Zahur-ul-haq, the last of six challenging Musharraf's reelection, after a brief hearing.
11, 2001 attacks on the United States expressed resignation, anxiety and hope over the reelection Wednesday of U.
Here I was: a gay man and lifelong Democrat who had become the newest intern for the Bush-Cheney reelection effort.
The common thread of Towey's events is an appearance with a high-profile Republican candidate in a tough reelection campaign.
I am going to be a candidate for reelection to the United States Senate," he declared, as the room shook with the thunder of a mighty orator reaching full force.
More specifically, in studying "presidents as candidates," Tenpas sets out to learn how incumbent presidents prepare for their reelection battles; how they manage their dual roles as candidate and president; and whether reelection campaigns distract presidents and the presidency from the business of governing.
Indeed, this article's thesis is that a case study of the Clinton reelection campaign reveals new tactics and interesting features that, if adopted by future incumbents, portend a significant impact on the presidency and the party organization.
didn't even have to wait until election day to cinch his reelection last week.
Senate, is joining President Clinton's reelection campaign and starting a grass-roots organization called Volunteers Organized to Encourage Registration.
John Conyers, chairman of the House Government Operations Committee that investigates federal waste, out-did them both, enlisting 14 members of his staff in one way or another in his Detroit reelection campaign.
11 Reelection of directors Boel Flodgren, Tom Hedelius, Finn Johnsson, Fredrik Lundberg, Sverker Martin-Lof, Lennart Nilsson and Anders Nyren.
At the beginning of the summer, Hillary could comfortably deny having national presidential ambitions, because the comfortable conventional wisdom was that it didn't really matter who the Democratic candidate would be, because President Bush had a lock on reelection.
Incumbent Flaherty is seeking reelection for the first time since coming out last year.
NLC First Vice President Greg Lashutka, mayor of Columbus, Ohio, had a much easier time, winning reelection to a second term by more than a 2-to-1 margin over Democratic challenger Bill Moss, a member of the school board.
Jon Hinson, a conservative Republican from Mississippi, would win reelection after exposing himself to an undercover policeman at the Iwo Jima Memorial?