reel off

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Synonyms for reel off

unwind from or as if from a reel


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recite volubly or extravagantly

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implausible " When you reel off EastEnders storylines one after another, they can start to seem implausible.
ROB YANDERS led the way with a 30-point tally as Glasgow Rocks beat Plymouth Raiders 83-75 to reel off a sixth win in a row.
reel off : to say or recite rapidly or easily <He can reel off the answers.
That well-worn joke is particularly true this year, with weather forecasters predicting the only day of summer will be July 15 when temperatures will nudge 68 degrees and sub-editors will reel off their "Phew what a scorcher" headlines, shortly before a hosepipe ban is announced.
And then have the bravest, most charismatic member of Congress (from the safest district in the country) reel off all of the Democratic plans to secure our borders that have been trashed by Bush's Republican legislators and hoist these squeeze bags on their own petard by warning Americans, "Every vote for a Republican is a vote for another 9/11.
It hits 60mph in five seconds and with a top speed of 158mph, it's little wonder young racing fans can reel off the data.
Chip Taylor is probably the only composer of a Troggs hit able to reel off anecdotes about placing bets with mob boss Meyer Lansky's bookies.