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Synonyms for reeking

wet with secreted or exuded moisture such as sweat or tears


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giving off a strong unpleasant smell

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The House of Commons is probably better known for its members to fall asleep during debates than to be found cowering in fear of what Laura Pidcock considers an establishment reeking of power and redundant customs.
inside, reeking of kerosene and burning beyond control?
However, following the discovery of slaves on the Pritchard farm, Syndicate 9 is under more scrutiny than ever - which means it's a particularly disastrous time for the boss to come in reeking of booze.
I would love to see the Cabinet Office overrun with unruly children reeking havoc.
2 (ANI): Manchester City's eccentric Italian striker Mario Balotelli was in for a shock recently, when he found his 150,000 pound Maserati sports car reeking of smelly fish.
1547: Henry VIII died at Richmond, in a room reeking of the stench from his leg ulcers.
A scene reeking with atmosphere of post-war Liverpool: framed by washing are backyards, scruffy kids with an old pram, watched over by mam and nan, dominated by the Corporation flats in Fontenoy and Byrom Streets, on their 30th anniversary, in April, 1968.
SLEEK, muscular and reeking of Italian style - it can only be the new Maserati.
I visited Calgary some time ago and while in the city visited all your leading institutions from the General Hospital down to the abominable, germ-incubating, foulodorous, reeking, and filthy establishment used for the temporary incarceration of overindulging individuals and law breakers in general.
Her feet and hands a wreck waterlogged and cracked reeking of blood.
As for the guys, spare a thought for any married men who visit one of Donald's clubs on a work night out - and then return home to the missus reeking of Chanel No5.
Now he's reached 40, the blond Adonis is reeking of mid-life crisis, saying he can't guarantee he will spend the rest of his life with wife Jennifer Aniston.
On a list of pet hates, managers said reeking of smoke is even less tolerable than having tattoos or male employees with long hair.
Still reeking of beer, champagne and cigars, Boston Red Sox players Kevin Millar, Todd Walker, Derek Lowe, Lou Merloni and Gabe Kapler broke away from their team's celebration of clinching a wild-card berth Thursday at Fenway Park and sprinted down Yawkey Way, clad in commemorative T-shirts, to celebrate among awestruck fans at a nearby tavern.
Females reeking of the stuff repulse males within seconds, the researchers report in the July 7 PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON B.