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full of submerged reefs or sandbanks or shoals

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Sara Al Reefy - London Breast Care Centre for the Female Entrepreneur of the Year
Start-Up of the Year: Shaikh Mohammed Al Khalifa and Aysha Al Araifi - Bossy Kitchen, Khalifa Al Mannai - Mannai Technological Facilitations and Dr Sara Al Reefy - London Breast Care Centre.
NNA - Newly appointed Justice Minister, Major General Ashraf Reefy, considered Sunday that the Lebanese ought to put their hands together in joint efforts and positive initiatives, for the sake of protecting their nation under the current critical circumstances.
She was able to get the tumour surgically removed in London and coincidentally, Dr Sara Al Reefy was the surgeon who performed the operation.
ROSEWOOD Corniche restaurant manager Nasser Al Reefy has been recognised with a prestigious hospitality industry honour in the annual Hotelier Middle East Awards.
Nasser Al Reefy, restaurant manager at Rosewood Corniche, Saudi's premier hotel, was named the Outlet Manager of the Year at the annual Hotelier Middle East Awards.
Reefy, el doctor de Wisconsin con el que tiene una hija y del que hereda el bungalow playero que comparte con los Godinez.
They're pretty, they're reefy, they're just another fish, right?
This may be because seabed with many stones is more suitable than reefy bottom as a habitat.
She urges George to "stop fooling with words," to stop being "a mere peddler of words"--like Wing Biddlebaum in "Hands," Doctor Reefy in "Paper Pills," and Doctor Parcival in "The Philosopher," Kate demands that George become the writer she cannot, demands that George "express something for us both.
Running above a reefy stretch of coast pocketed with tiny beaches, Kealia Trail in Kapaa is an easy family mountain-bike ride, away from highways.
Base-metal mineralization hosted in Upper Permian black shales and reefy limestones was also visited at Wegener peninsula.
Reefy, in Winesburg, Ohio, scribbled down on bits of paper and then stuffed away in his pockets to becoem "little hard round balls.
CI Capital Holding completed its acquisition of a majority stake if Reefy -- Micro Finance Enterprise Services Co.