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organ pipe with a vibrating reed

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4 shows a schematic diagram for a possible implementation on a reed pipe with a spring, whereby the tuning spring is pulled against the Piezomike.
Overall, the main aim of this project, to evaluate the possibility of automated reed pipe tuning, was reached at an early stage and extensive additional developmental work was done.
Left picture: both types of organ pipes (reed pipe and flue pipe); Right picture: inner parts of reed pipe (tuning spring is moved to tune the pipe)
Tarpu (aerophone): This is an elongated full-length gourd fitted with two equal-length bamboo reed pipes with a megaphone attached at the open end.
It entails the tuning of those reed pipes that have been preserved in such entirety as to afford an image of the originally applied temperament.
Instruments include the traditional Egyptian lyre simsimiyya, flutes, reed pipes and tablas, as well as percussion on ammunition boxes and jerry cans salvaged from the 1967 war.
The dance is performed by male dancers who belong to the families of traditional artists or local communities to traditional and folk music, played on the reed pipes Mohuri and Shehnai.
The ballet includes dance favourites like The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, The Waltz of the Flowers, The Russian Trepak, The Dance of the Reed Pipes and the world famous Waltz of the Snowflakes.
Under the rim, a frieze of fruiting vines bears witness to their function, and Bacchic symbols on the body including delicate sprays of ivy, thyrsi, tambourines and reed pipes celebrate the joys of wine.
The Bedouin Jerry Can Band blends the traditional sounds of the five string Egyptian lyre - called a simsimiyya - with desert flutes and reed pipes.
It features 16 tracks from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty including children's favourites Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy, Waltz Of The Flowers and Dance Of The Reed Pipes.
Altogether, the finds comprise horns, rattles, double reed pipes, lutes, harps (after a millennium of absence), cymbals, and castanets.
Aside from the bells that continue to be popular, single or double reed pipes are prominent.
Then the royal temple dancers emerged from the palace in their diaphanous veils and their intricate jewelry, and the royal musicians played their reed pipes loud and shrill.
CUTLINE: Stefan Maier of Orange, who tunes and maintains organs, holds one of almost 3,000 reed pipes from the tracker organ at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester.