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a free-reed instrument in which air is forced through the reeds by bellows

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Cello and concertina make a wonderful pairing, as do reed organ, violin and voice.
To commemorate the company's 125th anniversary, Yamaha showcased some of the iconic instruments from its past, including a 1902 reed organ, an early grand piano, the DX7, the first affordable synthesizer that had a major impact on music in the 1980s and other important items from the company's archives.
It was a considerable financial stretch for the tiny Church of the Resurrection to buy itself a Brombaugh pipe organ to replace the Estey reed organ the church had been using, says music director Betty Jean Bartholo- mew.
The job which has given him most satisfaction over the years was an early 20th century reed organ built in solid mahogany.
The slow movement of the concerto was further enhanced by the superb playing of the Phil's woodwind principals who fully delivered the special closely-blended sound world which Brahms often creates for that particular orchestral section, and which sounds, collectively,like a small reed organ.
The first reed organ (melodeon) in Manitoba was built by a military medical officer for the second cathedral; it was destroyed in the 1868 fire.
Notable buildings include the almshouses, school and the Institute which now houses the library and Reed Organ and Harmonium Museum.
Do I remember the Winfield Reed Organ, you ask, or Beatles' Wigs, Bazooka Joe bubblegum, Peardrax, The Man From U.
On a corporate plane, 'The Purley Way for Children' is Clyde Binfield's rollicking cameo of Purley Congregational's 'Children's Church', complete with its own robed choir, reed organ, and deacons.
After pausing to examine a number of technical features, and giving illuminating reproductions of advertisements for the harmonium, pump organ, American organ and even Liszt organ, Smith passes to things still more exotic, having first reminded us that the much maligned reed organ had quite a large repertory, including Saint-Saens's Op.
Patton would like to tell Cesar that despite the minor setback, the Hammond Reed Organ project is a great triumph for affordable housing in the city.
After a quick keyboard lesson, they hauled the Mason and Hamlin harmonium reed organ on to the bright yellow truck and headed home.
Penn brought to his meetings a portable reed organ, the use of which enhanced the singing of both the congregation and soloists.
In his book, Manufacturing the Muse, Dennis Waring has effectively held a magnifying glass to Victorian society, offering significant insights into the role of the reed organ in the consumer culture of nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century America.
It is likely that the first reed organ in Manitoba was not imported but was built in the early 1840s by a medical officer of the regulars, later acquired by the Grey Nuns sometime after their arrival at the St.