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the soft reddish wood of either of two species of sequoia trees

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The agreement makes Redwood Plastics a leading distributor of these FRP products.
Redwoods thrive in the Valley in the proper locations.
Redwood will also be adding sizzle to the event with the launch of its new Vegideli Linconshire Style sausages.
Now native only to China, the dawn redwood was the most common sequoia in North America during prehistoric times.
Redwood had received two thimerosal-containing injections of RhoGam while pregnant because her blood was Rh negative.
The Assembly passed the California Redwood Park bill by a vote of fifty-five in favour to one nay vote.
Redwood is the 74th largest commercial banking organization in California, controlling deposits of $384 million, representing less than 1 percent of total deposits in commercial banking organizations in the state.
Redwood usage dramatically increased around the time of the Gold Rush, said Culross Peattie.
By the early 1960s the coastal redwood forests of Northern California had been ransacked.
Redwood Systems, the leading provider of building-performance lighting solutions, today announced it has secured $11.
You can do redwood groves all over these hills - across Southern California.
Redwood forests have so much biomass you almost feel lighter as you walk, antlike, below their gravitational pull.
Now some charge that The Gap's founder/owners, the Fisher family, are selling out their 1960s environmental ideals by logging some of the last vestiges of the California redwood forest.
Redwood Systems, the leading provider of building-performance lighting solutions, today announced that it has established a presence in the Canadian market by securing partnerships with national technology distributor Anixter and sales agencies TPL Lighting and CD/M2 Lightworks.
The misty canyons and remote beaches of the Redwood Coast of Northern California seem the ideal hideout for the legendary Bigfoot.