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Synonyms for redwing

North American blackbird with scarlet patches on the wings

small European thrush having reddish flanks

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The Redwing systems were developed by Mr Smart at DST Group, sponsored by Defences Joint Counter Improvised Threat Task Force and manufactured by Australian industry under project coordination by the Australian Military Sales Office.
Before long we'll start to see some arrivals too, such as the flocks of redwings that fly south from Scandinavia and Iceland.
In his book, Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, Luttrell credited all three of his teammates for their heroism, including Murphy's sacrificial act that eventually led to his rescue.
AirLink Redwing CDMA is designed for communicating data and information back to a host location.
Pigeon Hawk') takes redwing Turdus musicus (not Amer.
I had never heard of Redwing Music or Cindy Mangsen, and I have never been all that much of a folkie.
These data were developed by measuring the straight-line distance on a map for each marked redwing recovered from its marking site to the center of the block where it was collected.
The stated purposes of this book were to use Red-winged Blackbirds to test hypotheses about the evolution of polygyny, and to study how polygyny, acting through sexual selection, affects other aspects of redwing biology.
Zeosoft Product Suite is integrated with the AirLink Tracking System (ATS) and intelligent rugged wireless modems: PinPoint, Raven and Redwing.
The Regenda Group is made up of Regenda Homes and its wholly-owned subsidiaries Redwing Living (private rented properties, leasehold and apartment block management and shared ownership and sales), M&Y Maintenance and Construction and McDonald Property Rentals in Lancashire, which is a subsidiary of Redwing Living.
BIRD NOTES With Julian Hughes Redwing |PIC: DEREK MOORE "TSEEEP".
The privately-hired Redwing coach was returning to Newcastle from London with two drivers and 45 passengers when the collision occurred at 5.
Redwing is an entertaining fantasy adventure written, like other Orca books, at an accessible reading level for struggling readers.
The family has requested no flowers, but donations can be sent for the restoration of St Pauls, the local church, and for the Redwing Hose Sanctuary in Norfolk, c/o Badgers Mount, New Inn, Cashel, Co.