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We can turn the screen into a high-quality loudspeaker, eliminating the need for an embedded speaker," Nedko Ivanov, CEO of Redux, told New Electronics back in 2016.
Redux was founded in 2013 and is focused on turning mobile screens into speakers using vibration.
The times are kind of tough for everybody, so our shows are an opportunity for people to leave their troubles at the door and just have a good time," said Fred Crafts, founder of Radio Redux.
We have been delivering our batteries to Redux for years and have established a very good working relationship.
Sadly, the ingenious bones of Redux are burdened by the presence of annoying tropes such as the alcoholic writer and the college girl who sleeps with her professor.
Redux said that current tests have shown yields of sellable produce at 40A[degree sign] F, and tests are being prepared for lower temperatures this upcoming winter, with the long term goal of breaking below 20A[degree sign] F.
It's hard enough to get things right just once; Wells has kept Rapid Redux sound and sane and spot-on for 13 months.
California-based Redux tweaked the typeface for the name on the cans--the original looked too much like white powder for regulators--and got rid of the slogan "The Legal Alternative.
Members who elect REDUX receive a $30,000 Career Status Bonus (CSB), after 15 years of active duty if they agree to serve at least 20 years of active-duty service.
21) The trial court rejected the service member's argument and ordered that he pay his wife a portion from each of the two Redux installment payments which he opted to receive.
Lagniappe also provides a valuable recycling service: Just send in any type or brand of cloth bag, and the company will wash, repair and re-sell it in its Redux line--and give you 10 percent off your next purchase.
Key benefits of a solution containing the high-performance Redux and Motorola Canopy components include: excellent uncompressed voice quality; configurable full and fractional E1/T1 service; immediate interoperability with any E1/T1 equipment regardless of signaling protocols used; maximal use of wireless bandwidth both for E1/T1 voice and for Ethernet data; very low voice delay; strict wire-speed prioritization of voice over data; minimization of truck roll with remote software upgrade of equipment; and precise distribution of telephony clock from carrier networks to customer premises.
Redux Communications' Arranto E1/T1 TDM and Ethernet over Packet Gateway has been added to Motorola's Canopy wireless broadband access affiliate program.
Internal Wyeth documents show that while Redux was undergoing FDA review during the mid-1990s, cases of pulmonary hypertension linked to the drug were skyrocketing in Europe.
5 and 15 years of service, all members must decide whether to take a $30,000 career status bonus and retire under the Military Retirement Reform Act of 1986 -- better known as REDUX -- plan at 40 percent of their last pay grade, or retire under the High-3 plan that provides 50 percent of the average basic pay for the highest 36 months of the individual's basic pay.