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American: Tropical cruzi Reduviid bug America (Chagas' Occasionally Tropical disease) contaminated Africa African T.
The life cycle involves transmission by blood-sucking reduviid insects that carry infective (metacyclic trypomasgate) forms of Trypanosoma cruzi in their fecal fluids and deposit them on the stein at the time of procuring a blood meal.
Chagas disease is primarily transmitted by large, blood-sucking reduviid insects widely known as "the kissing bug", Chagas disease is endemic in 21 countries across Latin America, with an average of 14,000 deaths per year, Chagas disease kills more people in the region each year than any other parasite-born disease, including malaria.
Since other possible predators were only occasionally found on these flowers (small nabid, reduviid, and phymatid bugs) I do not consider them further.
The disease is transmitted to humans through the bite wound of reduviid bugs (triatomids, kissing bugs, or conenose bugs).
2000), plus the genus Pimeliaphilus, whose few members are parasites of cockroaches, reduviid bugs or scorpions (Beer 1960; Newell & Rychman 1966).
The parasite is transmitted to humans through an infected blood transfusion or through the feces of the blood-sucking reduviid bug, locally known as "kissing" bugs, "cone-nosed" bugs, vinchuca, or barbeiro.