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Everson captures and reclaims the particularity of this woman's performance by reduplicating the final word of her statement "I felt very privileged" in a way that viewers might think indicates a physical problem with the footage: The added emphasis raises the question of how and exactly in what manner a young black woman in the South would have experienced "privilege" at that point in time.
In pilgrimage, income from predominantly middling social strata--the acquisitive peasantry, mercantile and artisanal elements, and professionals--that had ultimately been extracted from productive elements labouring in agriculture, was being redistributed more or less laterally to the parasitic mercantile elements serving the pilgrimage road or, still higher up, to already scandalously wealthy ecclesiastical establishments, reduplicating in the religious sphere the rapacity by extra-economic means of coercion that characterized feudal economy in general (Anderson 147; Amin 7-48).
Specifically, Bernie fails to recognize the queering potential of reduplicating the closet.
It is replaced, on the one hand, by a celebration of the original creations of individual geniuses, to a certain extent consciously reduplicating the experiments of the sciences, and, on the other hand, reducing the beautiful to mean mostly the idyllic harmony of what is already compatible and not, as in antiquity, the difficult balance of extreme opposites.
Their topics include from repetition to reduplication in Riau Indonesian, reduplication and consonant mutation in the Northern Atlantic languages, non-adjacency, enhancing contrast, phrasal reduplication and dual description, syntactic reduplication in Arabic, the Vedic verb, child language, pidgins and creoles, intensity and diminution triggered by reduplicating morphology, and American Sign Language.
If the nature of aesthetic judgments is such that those judgments risk reduplicating the universalizing impulses of a totalitarian community, then why not reject altogether, as some critics (especially materialist ones) have argued, the very concept of the aesthetic as ideologically dangerous?
Peking can take bisyllabic adjectives and make them either intensive or more pointedly disagreeable by reduplicating the first syllable and inserting plain le.
52) The generic decision enabled Barclay to underscore the basic contrast between the vice of courtiers and the virtues of their critics that his source supplied him by reduplicating it in generic terms, supplementing it with the characteristically pastoral contrast between vicious, sophi sticated urbanity and pure, simple rusticity; the former associated with the corrupt court and the latter with the court's honest critics.