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The work of a Slovak artist, Matej Kren, very close in spirit to Buzz Spector, deploys gallery-high book towers (with infinitely reduplicating mirrored interiors) that seem to draw on Borges as well.
Their topics include from repetition to reduplication in Riau Indonesian, reduplication and consonant mutation in the Northern Atlantic languages, non-adjacency, enhancing contrast, phrasal reduplication and dual description, syntactic reduplication in Arabic, the Vedic verb, child language, pidgins and creoles, intensity and diminution triggered by reduplicating morphology, and American Sign Language.
There's nothing new about the "political" appointment of Porter Goss, who at least has the agreeable distinction of owning an organic farm in Virginia, where tiny donkeys supervise hairy sheep from Central Asia and chickens lay green eggs, thus reduplicating the agency's most expensive op ever, the Afghan caper, wherein the CIA supervised the mujahedeen, costing $3.
The vowel of reduplicating syllable (spelled ai) which is a reflex of IE */e/ (Gr.
In (1b) the question is constructed by reduplicating the verb and inserting the appropriate negative element, in this case the perfective negative mei, between the two parts.
She insists on "engaging in constant self-interrogation in the interest of creating a movement that can avoid reduplicating the very hierarchies it seeks to challenge" (p.
The luridness begins when pen is set to paper: "Spenser's very project of reduplicating Elizabeth's virtue on the page both eroticizes it and introduces it into the logic of sexual reproduction" (83).
The angular movement from one phrase to another imitates the broken syllabification of the names of the months, reduplicating the voice's gapped intonation of those names on a wider plane than the names themselves afford.