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Jungian depth psychology both explicates but also reduplicates the problems found in a Marian spirituality predicated on the dualism of masculine and feminine as mind-body, dominant-subordinate, thought-feeling, active-passive.
The collaboration concerns a new instrument that reduplicates and analyses DNA in a way, which provides more reliable and faster test results.
Non-tone-integrating affixes preserve stem tone, as illustrated below by the nominalizing suffix -wa:, in (18a), with a LH pattern, and the pluractional reduplicative prefix, in (18b), which reduplicates the tone of the first syllable of the base.
However, de Man's critique actually reduplicates Gadamer's idealism while producing a political anomie which may finally be no less alarming.
In general, this uchronic/utopic project results in the construction of an exclusive and homogeneous essentialist illusion which copies and reduplicates universalizing imperial systems and forges new master narratives.
3) One could argue that Raphael here reduplicates and intensifies the interpretative difficulties inherent in Adam and Eve's mandate to abstain from eating the fruit of the tree.