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1) Total reduplication: Dyirbal nominals reduplicate fully to mark plurality (Dixon 1972)
5) When an entity (for example, an amoeba) undergoes fission, the entity reduplicates itself.
Or is the sound not only of gold but also of metamorphosis and especially of dawn, "l'Aurore," which reduplicates the sound in a sort of meta-echo or figure of repetition.
I will show how he suspends the forward movement of time in La hojarasca in the experiences of the individual characters and of the town of Macondo, and how his treatment of time reduplicates at the level of form the historical and social circumstances of a town in which the passage of time no longer has any significance.
Each mother's glance reduplicates my own: the baffled arc, the vulnerable bone.
Roque's essay ends with a brilliant analysis of motifs in Magritte; it includes a lyrical final paragraph that iconically reduplicates the very search for themes at once instigated by and represented in Magritte's works.