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This suggests that iyana- was a consonant-initial word and that it must therefore go back to the reduplicated present *yiyana-.
Firstly, and most importantly, almost all these studies are based exclusively on the evidence from MS Junius 1 and they notoriously ignore the existing Old English evidence, which, as will be shown in this study, can be helpful in accounting for the use of reduplicated consonant graphemes in The Ormulum.
The double optic within the play is reduplicated in the dialectical perspective generated between the 1980s playworld and the contemporary context, a perspective that highlights the continued devaluing of the elderly, of sex work, and of the female body in our late capitalist present moment.
However, there is one feature they [the peoples of Sunraysia] all shared and which they shared with other languages further up the Murray such as the Wemba-Wemba and the Wati-Wati: the reduplicated names of the tribes/languages mean 'no-no' (p.
He wrote that "she gave me back instead of the literary learning, which since my youth had been wasted, the spirit in reduplicated strength.
Rather religious symbols are abused because they are immediately recognisable and endlessly reduplicated.
The history of this community seems to have reduplicated the course of the English Revolution led by Oliver Cromwell.
This reinforcement also may be the reason why babies self-echo; that is, they repeat their own babbled sounds in a stage of language development researchers call reduplicated (e.
However, in the past 5 years newer device designs that more accurately reduplicated patellofemoral joint function have been introduced.
15) Griffin entered the conflict late, already cynical and disenchanted with America's foreign intervention, only to become hopelessly addicted to heroin as a means of coping with the strangeness and terror he found first in the jungle of Southeast Asia and then discovered reduplicated in the streets of New York City upon his discharge.
13) There is a curious parallel between the Burushaski reduplicated form du do provided by NH and lllyr deda 'foster mother' which Pokorny (IEW 235) indicates may be from IE *dhe(i)- 'to suckle' rather than from a child word for 'grandparents'.
In Galela the first syllable of the verbal modifier is reduplicated, yielding the participial form.
The reduplicated female gender marker (-pupu) (9) generates an intricate metaphorical tension.
In Setswana four types of stems are distinguished, namely compound stems as well as simple, complex and reduplicated stems (Pretorius & Berg, 2005).
Now Doran, if I have understood his proposal, believes that the whole set of terms and relations--grasp of evidence, judgment, commitment--is reduplicated in the consciousness of those who are religiously converted.