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Synonyms for redundancy

Synonyms for redundancy

words or the use of words in excess of those needed for clarity or precision

Synonyms for redundancy

repetition of messages to reduce the probability of errors in transmission

the attribute of being superfluous and unneeded

(electronics) a system design that duplicates components to provide alternatives in case one component fails

repetition of an act needlessly

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uk PO Box Hall Street, L69 3EB which represents some of the affected staff, said: "We're glad the ball is rolling but in terms of accepting the redundancy package it is a big fat 'No' at the moment.
In strict technical terms, there is no tension between the decisions, as the decision that there was a redundancy situation formed a central part of the second judgment, and that takes precedence over the Welch case.
Almost 500 Royal Air Force personnel will be told today that they are to be forced out of their jobs when the Ministry of Defence sets out the first details of its controversial redundancy programme aimed at reshaping Britain's armed forces.
British Army plans to offer voluntary redundancy and also some involuntary redundancy to execute the plan to downsize its total strength.
Eight staff among the 67-strong workforce at its Leeds plant have applied for voluntary redundancy, along with seven out of 37 at its Pontefract site and 19 out of 120 at Sheffield.
Every employee is entitled to a statutory redundancy payment, if they have at least two years service.
The council will hang on to workers it considers crucial to services and could use compulsory redundancy to clear out others it does not need.
This checklist is designed as a guide for those working out their redundancy package.
a fair procedure has not been followed--in the case of redundancy, a fair procedure should include consultation, and any suitable steps to avoid dismissal (such as a search for any other suitable employment with the employer)
In the case of redundancy, a fair procedure should include consultation and any suitable steps to avoid dismissal such as the search for any other suitable employment with the employer
Having experienced a major, regional disruption and the resultant widespread loss of power, telecommunications and employee mobility, these institutions have completely reevaluated the assumptions underlying redundancy.
Volume: As stated above, fixed-disk solutions must have redundancy to protect the disks from failure.
The multiple redundancy systems built into the Internet allowed data communications traffic to continue without a hitch, with data automatically rerouting itself to paths that had not been shut off.
She said: "It's all voluntary redundancies - there is no question of it being anything other than voluntary redundancy.
In 1965, British policy-makers created the Redundancy Payments Act, calling for advance notification of workers who are to be laid off (made "redundant") and mandating lump-sum payments to those affected.