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the attribute of being superfluous and unneeded

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This technology completely used fly ash and bottom ash characteristic and all negative influence on production are eliminated (like instability of disposal material, redundance of water used like transport medium and pollute water and air).
But what is clear, now if not then, is that in 1960 they sensed the redundance, intellectual as well as material, that was about to smother their vibrant Wales in the year that its greatest tribune, Aneurin Bevan, had died.
The redundance of Main Street offices in East Hampton was due to acquisitions of local companies' offices over the past several years, the spokesperson said.
In addition, he asked with customary redundance that after all the appropriate fees had been paid for these, the remainder of his estate 'all be spent in pious works and alms for my soul.
For example, the concept of redundance is considered in linguistic studies of the utterance, in text semiotics as well as in biosemiotic studies of the genetic code.
Gosse's discriminating criticism is not at odds with the material "figure" of the edition, but precisely fulfils its purpose: purchasers of the V&D could be sure they were getting their Rubaiyat in a setting whose redundance of mediocrity was itself a guarantee of value.
While this change is linked to a revolutionary process, the need to consolidate installations is really an evolutionary response to the new Logistics Corps, coupled with the consolidation of officer training, and is based on the need to reduce redundance in combat developments and training.
Owing to such redundance components, the interruption time can be reduced to switching time many times shorter than repair durations [2].
Michel Melot, in The Art of Illustration, claims that "the image then is no longer an appendix, ornament or redundance of the text.
a sequence) which--having no limits of symmetry, periodicity or redundance, but rather an aperiodic order--possesses for that very reason the prerequisite for the maximum possible information content, though no analytical expression thereof can be found.
Leaving photographic and film theory momentarily aside, Kuhn gives a moving (and mercifully linear) account of the dislocation she suffered as a working-class girl attending a middle-class grammar school, but by doing so she underlines the redundance of the image as `evidentiary' support.