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an art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color

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Quandaries and Virtues Against Reductivism in Ethics.
Exploring notions of abstraction through formal and material reductivism, it's a powerful statement, evoking timelessness, elementality and a connection with nature.
The poverty of its historicism is clearest in Arnold's contradiction of facts resisting his reductivism.
Among other factors, this increases the risk of falling into a socio-politically dangerous form of ecological reductivism.
Against such reductivism, Bray makes a powerful case that friendship was closely associated with religion on both sides of the Reformation divide.
The reductivism seemingly inherent in the mass media is equally trivializing, whatever the politics:
This reductivism seems to be what Renato Poggioli has in mind when he speaks of the avant-garde's "mystique of purity," the tendency for art and poetry to "aspire to attain a state of beatitude and grace, a condition of perfection and stasis fixed forever, by the severe ethos of form" (1968, 204).
In Freedland's pieces, ontological dualism is overcome by a measure of automatism, physicalist reductivism by an appeal to autonomy.
In their various ways, the essays in this collection all remain admirably open to multiple contestations, and while offering strong interpretations of their subjects, most avoid the common forms of reductivism.
Projections, for Williams, are a kind of reductivism in reverse, an inductive totalization from an inadequate empirical and/or theoretical base.
This kind of argument can apply to discussions about methods of inquiry as much as to discussions about historical periods, at least in its disavowal of aspirations to reductivism and totalizing explanations.
For comparative scholarship to fulfill both its aims--to expand criminology's scope and to shake it free of a dogged interest in local problems and solutions--the cultural reductivism of the past must be abandoned.
The theoretical assault took modern architecture to task for its reductivism, its mad attempt to encompass the tempest of human experience within the hard matrix of rational form.
Simplified as this might seem, for a project such as this the concepts are simultaneously wieldy and in depth, at times even pointing to places where Hemingway criticism needs revision from traditional reductivism, as in Hemingway's complex and conflicting emotions in regards to Paris and Spain, or in Hemingway's construction of a public image via Death in the Afternoon and Green Hills of Africa (though I think Curnutt could have gone farther in explicating this last point, perhaps a study guide such as this may not be the appropriate medium).
Pincoffs, "Quandary Ethics," in Quandaries and Virtues: Against Reductivism in Ethics (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 1986), p.