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an art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color

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Quandaries and Virtues Against Reductivism in Ethics.
Reductivism Ad people are probably the masters of this - distilling an emotive idea to its essence and then making it su- per-compelling in a very limit- ed time.
Somehow this came from thinking about the entanglement that reductivism got us into.
A vile racist xenophobic party who thrive on identity politics and the kind of reductivism that has led to many a war in the Balkan tinder-box
Along these lines philosophers of education identified and exposed fallacies in reasoning, battled against fundamental errors such as ethical relativism and epistemological reductivism, and aimed for a coherent and systematic rationalisation of beliefs and practices.
Lorraine Code, in a reading of Mohanty's earlier essay "Under Western Eyes," also concurs that the power of Mohanty's argument lies in exposing "global optimizing as one of the least viable routes towards justice and right precisely because of its reductivism, which requires no movement beyond the limits of imaginations rooted in the imperialism of illusory self-sameness.
Simplifications are not necessarily reductive, though they are sometimes conducive to reductivism.
Exploring notions of abstraction through formal and material reductivism, it's a powerful statement, evoking timelessness, elementality and a connection with nature.
One commentator has referred to this process of SPIN-Life reducing a human person into an economic commodity as "commodification" and "economic reductivism.
The poverty of its historicism is clearest in Arnold's contradiction of facts resisting his reductivism.
Among other factors, this increases the risk of falling into a socio-politically dangerous form of ecological reductivism.
There is no doubt that Levinas deploys the idea of messianism in a way that is carefully guarded from the schwarmerei of the utopian dream; no doubt that he is wary of the reductivism that inevitably accompanies social and political enthusiasm; and no doubt (to shift from history to phenomenology) that he sees the collective as morally dubious insofar as it necessarily operates differently than does the relationship between self and other.
Because Margaret's taking Leonard's part most often assumes the form of clarifying the material conditions he faces, it is easy to mistake her gestures for the kind of economic reductivism that Dimock warns against.
Danticat's portrayal of Sebastien as a physically powerful yet sensitive lover creates a more complex and sympathetic character than any such reductivism can capture.
Against such reductivism, Bray makes a powerful case that friendship was closely associated with religion on both sides of the Reformation divide.