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In all such cases the reduction of behaviour to physical laws can only be effected by entering into great minuteness; so long as we confine ourselves to the observation of comparatively large masses, the way in which the equilibrium will be upset cannot be determined.
At closer quarters the diminutive personage looked like a reduction of an ordinary-sized man, with a lofty brow bared for a moment by the raising of the hat, the great pepper-and salt full beard spread over the proportionally broad chest.
Sikes, thus mutely appealed to; and possibly feeling his personal pride and influence interested in the immediate reduction of Miss Nancy to reason; gave utterance to about a couple of score of curses and threats, the rapid production of which reflected great credit on the fertility of his invention.
Her knowledge of her father and Elizabeth inclined her to think that the sacrifice of one pair of horses would be hardly less painful than of both, and so on, through the whole list of Lady Russell's too gentle reductions.
Thousands of pairs of stockings from the most reliable manufacturers of the universe at sensational reductions.
and Innoventive Power have been competitively selected to identify, develop, and implement projects that will produce large-scale peak electric-load reduction in the Con Edison territory.
Noting that any reduction in the number of civilian authorizations can potentially lead to a reduction in force, Patterson said, "Using the programs we have available and in place, we believe we can minimize any impact on our civilian workforce.
Japan, steeped in a tradition of honor and commitment, must face an embarrassing truth: it has not made a dent in its Kyoto Protocol target emissions, its 6% target reduction soaring to an 8.
Slow-speed high-torque shredders, also known as primary reduction equipment, are gaining popularity in the U.
2004-37, the Service ruled, in part, that a debt reduction will not be treated as discharge of indebtedness (DOI), excludible from an employee's income as a purchase price reduction under Sec.
Slow-speed, high-torque shredders, also known as primary reduction equipment, are gaining popularity in the U.
Most companies will likely record a reduction in earnings, effectively reversing the financial statement benefit recognized in 2001 when the tax rate reductions were enacted.
In letter ruling 200137041, the IRS decided that providing graduate courses and benefits for employees' same-sex partners did not disqualify a university's tuition reduction plan.