reductio ad absurdum

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(reduction to the absurd) a disproof by showing that the consequences of the proposition are absurd

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Matthew 7:18) This is one formulation of my favorite method of geometric proof, the indirect method, or reductio ad absurdum.
Welch, "a sort of walking reductio ad absurdum of some of the most confident theories of his fellow resurrection-men" (16).
His model of the eucharist is a prime example, where his description sounds like a reductio ad absurdum against his own view when he states that "the soul of the believer literally eats and drinks the infinite divine spirit of Jesus, thus respectively satisfying the soul's literal hunger and quenching the soul's literal thirst" (221, italics mine).
Dancy, denies that Euthyphro 6e10-8a8 follows the structure of a reductio ad absurdum.
To postulate the absence of a credit bubble in the middle of this decade is thus a reductio ad absurdum, irrespective of how one assesses bankers' or households' "moral compass.
That is a reductio ad absurdum - it is murder of the worst possible kind.
Meanwhile, Stravinsky considered Klangfarbenmelodie a reductio ad absurdum, saying it reminds him of the nineteenth-century valveless horn bands in Russia where each musician played but a single note (p.
If the nation-states don't blow us all up (and again, if there is no Singularity), then eventually terrorism becomes an existential threat, the reductio ad absurdum example being when technology puts the ability to devastate continents at the fingertips of anyone having a bad hair day.
As with Houellebecq's other narrators, Daniel's story reads like a reductio ad absurdum of Schopenhauer, Darwin, and Freud.
He also necessarily holds that the steps from language to ontology are dramatic and the concept of realism corresponding to the concept of language is inferred through the process of reductio ad absurdum.
They accordingly drew the reductio ad absurdum conclusion that there is no evidence to support the belief that pregnancy results from sexual intercourse.
In an almost comic reductio ad absurdum, Democrats and Republicans vie with each other in their declarations of total loyalty to Israel.
It's easy to understand his confusion, especially when everything in corporate life is put through a perverse reductio ad absurdum filter.