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Synonyms for reducing

any process in which electrons are added to an atom or ion (as by removing oxygen or adding hydrogen)

loss of excess weight (as by dieting)

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TR060 used in lower temperature polymers improves end properties of recyclate-containing compounds while also improving dispersion and reducing splay in colored and filled olefins.
Furthermore, the improvements made, besides reducing operating costs, may increase a building's long-term value.
With this design, the A:S ratio could be increased by over 300%, while reducing horsepower by over 50% and eliminating the use of compressed air.
Activated charcoal pills, though they may react with certain prescription medications, are another option for reducing gas formation.
The industry has committed to reducing energy use by another one per cent each year for the next decade.
In addition, because sound waves have a tendency to bend over and around objects and to spread out with distance, barrier walls are only effective in reducing sound at distances of less than 400 meters from the roadway.
it contributes to a reducing atmosphere in the mold during the metalcasting process, thus creating an oxygen scavenger.
We modeled vaccine efficacy for the 1,000 postexposure vaccines by the magnitude of the vaccine's effect on reducing the rate of latently infected persons' progressing to disease (Figure 1).
Provides a single point of management for replication services, reducing or negating the need for multiple back up/restore tools and licenses
Other methods include reducing the need for toxics ill the nearly eight million pools across the U.
So there are no cost savings, per se, from reducing the patient's length of stay.
Users of OLAP solutions such as Hyperion Essbase and Oracle Express(R) can now leverage HyperRoll to gain lightning-fast access to large data volumes while drastically reducing the need for additional hardware or storage.
Temporary regulations (TD 9089) address reducing tax attributes when a consolidated group member realizes discharge of indebtedness (DOI) income on debt that is not an inter-company obligation under Regs.
A third possibility that may reduce the athlete's power after stretching is that it will relax the muscles by reducing the firing patterns of the muscles (R-8).
We have a responsibility to protect that economy while we join other nations in doing our fair share toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.