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(astronomy) a shift in the spectra of very distant galaxies toward longer wavelengths (toward the red end of the spectrum)

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New ODBC Driver for Amazon Redshift includes such significant features as:
The board of directors of Sacred Oak Medical Center reported on Friday the termination of its business agreement with RedShift Healthcare Management LLC.
In reality, we expect merger events to stop well before that point, but a redshift of 40 or so is the absolute hardest bound or cutoff point," (http://news.
Ted Forte replies: Distance estimates made by different methods often vary greatly for the same object--and, as you've noted, redshift can be most problematic to interpret.
Lighting and compositing supervisor Tobias White had seen a demo of Redshift and recommended the software, which leverages a computer's graphics card rather than its CPU.
Using queries from the TPC-DS industry standard benchmark, Cloudera compared Impala running on the cloud (both cloud-natively over S3 and over local EBS storage) to Amazon Redshift (only able to run over its own storage on dedicated AWS instances).
Redshift is traditionally used to measure distance to galaxies, but is difficult to determine when looking at the universe's most distant -- and thus earliest -- objects.
We are interested in a special class of cosmological models: cosmologies with a Hubble constant that does not vary over time to conform to the linear relationship between the luminosity distance and the redshift observed for Type Ia supernovae [1].
Native connectivity to Amazon Redshift provides full flexibility in integrating any Informatica-supported data source, on-premises or cloud, with Amazon Redshift.
In November, astronomers with CLASH announced finding a galaxy with a redshift of 10.
In contrast, Redshift "is about the tenth of a cost of a traditional data warehouse," Jassy said.
Because of the expansion of the Universe, objects with large redshifts are not only far away, they are also observed as they were a long time in the past.
British First Derivatives Plc (LON:FDP), a provider of software and support services to banks and hedge funds, said it had acquired London-based sector companies Redshift Horizons Ltd and Cowrie Financial Ltd as well as investment management partnership Redshift Horizons LLP for up to GBP3.
By carefully analyzing the very faint glow of the galaxy they have found that they are seeing it when the Universe was only about 600 million years old (a redshift of 8.
Previous record holders were a galaxy at redshift 6.